Beko’s cheap fridge freezer is a best buy if you like your food super fresh and your wallet super untroubled

With its 60/40 fridge to freezer bias this white appliance has storage space aplenty

Best value fridge freezer: Beko CSG1571WLG
(Image credit: Beko)

Beko is a brand that delivers a lot for little money and, in the case of the CSG1571WLG fridge freezer that means generous amounts of space. The 60/40 fridge-to-freezer ratio is a sensible solution if you prefer your quota of food to be fresh over frozen. Right now it's down to less than £230 at Curry's too.

• Buy this Beko fridge for £229 at Currys – was £299, usually £249

We consider it to be one of the finest of its breed, hence its showing in our Best fridge freezer chart, where we have given it the non-glamorous yet sought-after prize of 'best cheap fridge freezer'. High praise for a tall appliance. 

Why should you buy the Beko CSG1571WLG fridge freezer?

With a whopping 262 litres of storage space overall, the 60/40 split means you get 175 litres of fridge and 87 of purest, ice-bound freezing real estate.

Up top in the fridge zone, we’re smitten with the way the large salad crisper can tame even the biggest pile of fresh fruit and veg. Internal LED lighting, though a given with any decent fridge/freezer really, showcases your produce to even better effect.

Beko – whose parent company is Arcelik and Kok Holdings; just saying – has done a solid job on the other internal components too. The four adjustable glass shelves are handy for reorganising the way the fridge is set up. That means you can squeeze in larger items that need to be chilled, while they're also good if you need to cram in an unfeasibly large bowl or pan of dinner leftovers. You even get an egg rack.

Over, or down, in the freezer department then it’s a similarly sensible design arrangement with three drawers that have clear fronts. That means you get an instant preview of everything you’ve loaded in over time, including those long-forgotten items that you can’t even remember buying. It’s a good incentive to keep your freezer stock on healthy rotation.

Beko CSG1571WLG

Beko's minimalistic fridge freezer lacks in the looks department but its hugely capable 

Granted, the Beko CSG1571WLG is a little humdrum compared to more stylish offerings out there. However, that works both ways as the plain white finish means it can sit happily in pretty much any style of kitchen. While it might be workmanlike on the outside the Beko CSG1571WLG also has an A+ energy rating.

The only downside? There isn’t any no frost option, so it has to be defrosted in the old-fashioned way by turning it off and letting the ice melt of its own accord, while you brush ineffectually at it with a crappy plastic scraper. Slightly tedious. 

There is a reversible door though, so the Beko CSG1571WLG will at least work in any kind of kitchen or pantry layout, while the 40dB noise level rating makes it a smooth operator.

Beko CSG1571WLG

Clear drawers allow you to identify long-lost freezer purchases quicker

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