Beats by Dr Dre Executive headphones unveiled

Brand-new Beats headphones go for a more subtle look

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Known for premium audio quality and design Beats By Dr Dre have gone for a more formal look this time catering for the minimalist in us all

Beats By Dr Dre have unveiled a brand-new addition to their over-ear headphones in the form of the Beats Executive, a pair of ultra-premium headphones sporting a whole range of new features.

With the same premium sound technology found in all the Beats headphones the Beats Executive also features some new tricks such as noise cancelation that helps block out the sound of the outside world. To help preserve battery life as well the Beats Executive's have a built-in shutoff feature which automatically turns the headphones off when they're not in use. However it's not clear whether the Beats Executive will go in the same direction as the Beats Wireless Headphones which offers up Beats headphones but with no tangled cables.

As if that wasn't enough they've been wrapped in brushed aluminium with leather accents and leather pads with a swiveling design to make them ultra-compact when not in use. The Beats Executive are the latest in a series of new headphones Dr Dre By Beats have been bringing out with the Beats By Dr Dre Pro being the clear opposite number for the Executive.

Expected to retail at around £250-300 these headphones certainly look the part, what do you think? Let us know via the comments box below...