Austrian Audio's MiCreator Studio records pro-level audio and fits in your pocket

New accessibly-priced microphone is aimed at everyone wanting to achieve high-quality audio without the hassle

Austrian Audio MiCreator Studio launch
(Image credit: Austrian Audio)

Those into their audio are more than familiar with Austrian Audio and its range of high-quality headphones and microphones, such as The Composer we reported on a little over a week ago. No rest for the wicked, thought the Vienna-based brand, as now it's back with another red-hot announcement.

The Austrian Audio MiCreator Studio is an elegant, flexible, pocked-sized mic and interface that is said to deliver pro-quality audio. It combines a condenser microphone and USB-C interface and can be used for recording music, conducting interviews, content creation for YouTube or social media, and more.

The new tiny microphone setup was built from the ground up "to be an all-in-one package that offers the best of both worlds in pro-level quality and consumer-level accessibility," says Austrian Audio. This accessibility is manifested in the plug 'n' play nature of the MiCreator Studio, similar to point 'n' click cameras, allowing you to connect it to your preferred recording medium and start shooting immediately.

Austrian Audio MiCreator Studio launch

(Image credit: Austrian Audio)

The new recording system features a condenser microphone and a built-in audio interface, intuitive onboard controls, a line input and a range of expansion options to accommodate different applications.

Users can choose from three different microphone sensitivity options, including a 'Low Gain' setting that can handle up to 130 dB SPL. An additional input enables multi-tracking possibilities as well as optional stereo recording. Not bad for such a small device!

MiCreator Studio, which includes the single microphone/interface unit, is available to buy at Austrian Audio and priced at $199/ £189. The MiCreator System Set ($299/ £279) includes an onboard condenser microphone, line input, onboard controls and expansion options.

The MiCreator Satellite is also available for purchase on its own ($99/ £89), as well as the MiCeator Y-Lav Lavalier microphone ($49/ £49), featuring direct latency-free monitoring. You can record two simultaneous sources by tethering MiCreator Y-Lav to MiCreator Studio or connect MiCreator Satellite or MiCreator Y-Lav to a camera with a Y adapter (1x TRRS to 2x TRS).

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