Take a street view tour through Assassin's Creed Unity

Project Widow is an era-melding experience voiced by Andy Serkis

Just can't wait to don the assassin's hood once more? Maybe this will sate your bloodlust, if only a little...

Ubisoft's latest teaser for the fast-approaching Assassin's Creed Unity is Project Widow, a Google Maps-style tour through Paris.

The tour itself takes place in the modern day city, but it's chock full of historical game tie-ins that'll give you a taste of late 18th century France.

"Participants will be able to explore the immersive virtual world Paris in their own time, discover hotspots rich in history, uncover hidden Assassin's Creed Unity art and videos, win prizes and exlusives and uncover the secrets of the assassins and revolution," says Ubisoft.

"Project Widow refers to one of the most famous nicknames for the guillotine during 18th Century Paris and brings an intriguing and cryptic element to the online tour."

Ubisoft managed to get Andy Serkis on board to voice the tour. Yup, LOTR's Gollum himself will be guiding you to Mount Doom through the streets of Paris.

He'll talk you through some of the grittier parts of the French Revolution, the historical setting for the upcoming game.

The game studio also offers a tip for budding explorers: "Look closer in dark corners for competitions and exclusive bonus content."

Project Widow goes live in the UK today, and you can have a play with it right here.

Assassin's Creed Unity is set to launch in the UK on the 14th of November, and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs.