Apple Watch Ultra deal: rugged smartwatch drops to its lowest-ever price

Apple's flagship adventure smartwatch is still £30 off the list price at Amazon and Very

Apple Watch Ultra deals
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The Apple Watch Ultra is the flagship product in Apple's smartwatch range. It's designed for ultra-endurance and extreme sports but thanks to its looks, it's appealing to just about everyone. 

I reviewed the Ultra last month and found it to be an incredible product. The larger screen is useful for sports and despite the larger size, the titanium casing means it's not too heavy on the wrist. To be honest, I'm not sure I could go back to a standard Apple Watch. 

It's rare to see any movement on price for such a new Apple product but right now you can find the Ultra on sale for £819, which is £30 less than the official list price (and that on the Apple website). If you're tempted to invest in this watch, this is a good time to do it. 

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Update: this deal is still going on Cyber Monday! 

Apple Watch Ultra: was (opens in new tab)

Apple Watch Ultra: was £849, now £819 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £30 across most of the different colours and strap options.

Apple Watch Ultra:  was £849 (opens in new tab)

Apple Watch Ultra: was £849, now £819 at Very (opens in new tab)
Save £30 – Available with a full range of Ocean bands, Alpine loops, and Trail loops in all colours. That's the best discount yet!

Should you buy the Apple Watch Ultra?

Put simply, yes! In out 5-star Apple Watch Ultra review, we said, 'The Apple Watch Ultra is big and bold, and has the performance to back that up. Whether you’re an athlete or just want the very best, you won’t be disappointed in this device. The combination of an incredible screen, a larger battery and a seriously durable casing make this worthy of the Ultra name and the best Apple Watch on the market.'

The Apple Watch Ultra is the biggest transformation to the Apple Watch since its launch back in 2015. This is an entirely new version that sits as a premium option to the Apple Watch Series 8 and the entry-level Apple Watch SE. This makes it not only the best Apple Watch in the range but also the best smartwatch that Apple has ever built.  

There’s more to the Apple Watch Ultra than just being a premium option though. This watch is designed to be outdoor-focused, for extreme sports from ultra marathons, to rock climbers to divers. That puts this watch in a completely different bracket, putting it up against wearables such as the Garmin and Polar models. 

To be receiving a discount so early is very rare for an Apple product, so this deal is well worth getting!

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