Apple Watch Series 6 tipped to get MAJOR Fitbit-beating feature

Want to know what happens when you're asleep? The Apple Watch Series 6 will tell you

Apple Watch Series 6 tipped to get MAJOR Fitbit feature
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It has been rumoured for a while that the Apple Watch is going to get native sleep tracking, and now, it has been confirmed by an internet leaker. 

It's surprising that the Apple Watch has never offered this feature by default, instead, a wide range of sleep-tracking apps are available from third-party app developers. Many of these work well, but mean your Watch needs to be sufficiently charged before you settle down for the night.

With Apple now set to release an app of its own, we hope the company has developed a way to track the wearer’s sleep right through the night, without destroying the Watch’s battery life in the process.

We suspect that, while Apple’s app might be more energy efficient than others, it will still require Watch owners to charge the device during each day, if they want to track their sleep every night.

We think this feature will probably be announced at WWDC, which Apple has just announced will take place online starting June 22nd, 2020.

Check out the tweet below:

Nikia Molina also states Longer Battery Life, Pulse Oximeter, S6 Chip and "Mental Health Abnormalities Detection" will be featured in the Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple’s watchOS 7 software is also expected to include improvements to Siri, a kids mode for restricting app usage while younger Watch wearers are at school, watch faces that can be shared with friends, and a redesigned workout app.

Owners of the 3, 4 and 5 Series of Apple Watch will get a couple of major new features later this year, although, exactly which updates are currently unknown.

Stay tuned to T3 for more information on WWDC 2020.

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