Apple Watch update: what's new in watchOS 2?

Apple has updated the Watch to include Apple Pay, native apps and more

The Apple Watch isn't even available in UK shops yet, but that hasn't stopped the company from showing us an updated version of the wearable's operating system -- Apple Watch OS 2.

Obviously,there's no big redesignsor huge new features, instead Watch users have been treated to small improvements which aim to enhance the overall experience.

The big news is that Watch apps now run natively on the device. Previously people have complained that apps can be sluggish, this is becausethe all data was coming from the iPhone. Native apps should be much snappier and improve performance on the device.

Customisation fans rejoice -- additional watch faces were announced, including the ability to create your own from images on your Photo Stream. You can also set an album to cycle through different images every time you glance at the watch.

Additional customisation changes include a timelapse watch face (with scenes like Big Ben, and Shanghai), and new 'Complications' which allow you to choose what bits of information they see (date, battery life, the charge left in your Tesla etc.)

You can also turn the little wearable into an alarm clock with 'Nightstand Mode', which rotates the watch face and turns the Digital Crown into a "snooze" button.

There's also a new feature called 'Time Travel', which lets you fast forward and rewind using the Digital Crown to see upcoming (and past) appointments and information.

There was also update to the social features, including the ability to "add a friend" and "group friends" (which is pretty self-explanatory), new colours to doodle in, and FaceTime audio capability allowing you to make FaceTime calls from your watch.

Health and Fitness is also getting a boost, with native apps you can run services such as Strava while you workout (without an iPhone present). The data recorded from third party apps will go towards your Apple fitness data, and the company will also give you achievements (which resemble Pokemon badges) based on your fitness stats.

Apple Pay, which is heading to the UK, will also be present on the Watch, allowing you to pay for items, use loyalty cards and even comes with TFL support (goodbye OysterCard).

Apple Maps on the watch will receive similar improvements to its larger brother on the iPhone, with Transit directions in several cities around the world.

The Apple Watch will also now work with HomeKit, allowing you to control your smart lightbulbs, security systems and thermostats directly from your wrist.

Finally, the company announced several developer specific features, such as allowing access to heart rate data, ability to play short video, access to the mic and speakers, the accelerometer, Taptic Engine and Digital Crown -- so expect to see third party apps make use of those features in the future.

The Apple Watch OS 2 will be available to developers in Beta-form today, and will be pushed to everyones' watches in "Fall" (that's Autumnto you and I).

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