Apple TV+ could be the next streaming service to introduce ads

Will there be an ad-supported tier on Apple TV+ soon?

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Apple has employed an ex-NBCUniversal advertising executing in a senior role, leading some to believe it's another step towards a new ad-supported tier for Apple TV+.

The service may therefore choose to follow rivals in offering a cheaper plan that includes commercials before or during programmes.

Apple TV+ is among a handful of TV and movie streaming services that charge just the one subscription free, but that could be set to change.

There are reports that it could follow Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ in launching an ad-supported tier sometime in the near future.

Apple has often been linked with adding commercials to its TV+ service, but the move seems closer now than ever before, as it has hired a key advertising executive from a major US broadcaster.

Business Insider reports that former EVP of advanced advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal, Joseph Cady, has joined the service in a senior role. He's also far from the only advertising expert to have joined Apple recently – it has lead to the assumption that the company is ramping up its plans for an ad-supported Apple TV+ tier.

It was also reported as far back as November 2022 that Apple is building its own staging platform that will enable advertisers to buy commercial-slots automatically. And it has experience of running ads during programming as part of its exclusive MLS coverage.

In all fairness, offering an ad-supported tier hasn't worked out badly for rivals. And consumers seem to like it as they get a cheaper way to access many hours of quality programming.

What will Apple TV+ with ads be like?

However, let's hope that, if Apple does introduce paid advertising it doesn't lower picture and sound performance, like some.

One of the best features of Apple TV+ is that most (if not all) of its programming is presented in 4K HDR with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support where necessary. Amazon's recently launched equivalent strips the Dolby technologies unless you pay extra per month.

It is also worth noting that while Apple TV+ has a whole host of excellent exclusive shows and films, it has nowhere near the amount of programming in comparison with the other major services. Asking people to pay for a hamstrung version of the service might be a trickier sell, therefore.

And, considering Apple TV+ is already cheaper than most rivals – at £8.99 / $9.99 per month – how much cheaper can it be to justify they caveats?

We'll let you know if and when we hear any more.

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