Apple to slash iPhone X price massively

At last the iPhone X could be affordable enough to buy outright without a mortgage

iPhone X case

Apple may actually make the iPhone X more accessible to everyone by cutting its price hugely, soon.

According to ever reliable analyst from TF International Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is planning to knock up to $300, aka £225, off the price of the new iPhone X.

The iPhone X went on sale for a hefty £999 which has been prohibitively expensive for many. But the tech company apparently plans to release a whole new line of iPhone X models later this year with far more accessible price tags.

The new prices will apply to the fresh line-up of iPhone X devices which should come in the form of a new 5.8-inch iPhone X, a larger 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus and a budget 6.1-inch iPhone X. Prices are expected to be $800 (£602), $900 (£677) and $600 (£451) respectively.

That $300 saving on the standard model takes into account the extra $100 which should be saved by the new fast charger that's included.

Essentially, the source says, Apple has refined its production process so that making an iPhone X isn't as expensive anymore so it can pass those savings on to the rest of us.

Expect Apple to launch its new iPhone X phones around September this year. Will it launch this slick-looking five-camera iPhone X, perhaps?