Android@Home tech detailed

New framework aims to make 'smart homes' a reality

Use Android phones and tablets to control lights, appliances and scan CDs.

Google I/O has seen some serious advances with both Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Android Market Movies leading the line. But the Big G has also used the San Francisco event to tout Android@Home, a new framework that will let the OS control everything from light switches to home cinema systems.

Google used a demo to show off an Android tablet switching on house lights, using special bulbs designed by Lighting Science. These are expected to hit shelves later this year.

But it's the more futuristic stuff that's really got us het up. Google touted “Project Tungsten”, an amped up Apple AirPlay rival that can not only control and stream to compatible music and home cinema kit, but also scan and play CDs via NFC tech.

Devs are set to get cracking on implementing this exciting future tech imminently, but there's no news on when we'll be seeing more extreme interpretations of Android@Home sitting pretty on smartphones and tablets. Either way, this proves that right now, the Big G has the edge on Apple in terms of futuristic mobile tech.