Google Maps satellite view disappeared from Android Auto – here's how to fix it

Google is rolling out a fix for a bug that removed the view from its infotainment app

Android Auto
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If you’re an Android Auto user you may have noticed the option to enable satellite view in Google Maps has disappeared in recent days.

Previously appearing on the settings page, the option for satellite view seemed to disappear when Google rolled out a software update for its smartphone-powered car infotainment system at the start of June.

Some users were unaffected by the change, suggesting that Google may be trialing a bug fix with a small section of Android customers. This could be due to a recent bug that saw the Google Maps app of Android Auto freeze when satellite view was enabled.

As a quick fix, and as pointed out by AutoEvolution, it looks like Google might have removed the satellite view option to prevent Maps from freezing, before a more suitable fix could be found.

Before the option disappeared, users discovered that disabling satellite view stopped the Google Maps app within Android Auto from freezing.

Today, 7 June, Tony Liu from Google’s automotive maps team posted on the Android Auto help forum, saying a fix is being rolled out. According to Liu, the issue is fixed by clearing Google Maps storage, then launching the Maps app on your phone, and starting Android Auto again. Users have already confirmed that this fix solves the problem.

To clear out Google Maps data (as well as cache), open the Settings app of your Android phone, tap on ‘apps & notifications’ then find and select the Google Maps app, and two options for deleting temporary cache data, as well as data storage, will appear.

Complete both of these and any issues with Maps crashing, and satellite view disappearing, should be fixed.

Alistair Charlton

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