This $90 gadget adds wireless Android Auto to your car

AAWireless has finally graduated from its Indiegogo campaign

Android Auto
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We’re big fans of Android Auto here at T3. And, while we would recommend drivers plug their phones in for most journeys, in a bid to save battery life, there are occasions when wireless connectivity can be really useful.

If you’re only driving a short distance, or have a convenient wireless charging pad in your car, then connecting to Android Auto without a USB cable can be a convenient time-saver, since the system boots up and connects to your phone as soon as you start the car.

But, while factory-fitted wireless Android Auto is still quite rare, the AAWireless is a dongle that brings the feature to your car for $89.99. The AAWireless began as a crowd-funded Indiegogo campaign, where it raised over $6.7m from 71,000 backers by late-2020.

This got the device into production, but scaling up was hampered by the global chip shortage and until now the AAWireless has only been available through Indiegogo.

Android Auto AAWireless

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Now though, it can be bought from its own website. The gadget is priced at $89.99 with free shipping in the US. It isn’t available to buy outside of the US just yet, but an EU online store is due to open soon, once the manufacturer has worked to comply with local regulation.

To be clear, this device doesn’t bring Android Auto to a car that doesn’t already have it. Instead, the AAWireless simply creates a way of connecting your smartphone wirelessly to the car’s Android Auto system. It plugs into the car with a USB cable, then connects wirelessly to your phone, so long as it is running Android 9 or higher.

The AAWireless’s manufacturers promise regular software updates, so it should continue to work, even after future updates to Android, Android Auto and your vehicle’s own infotainment system arrive.

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