Android app news: TuneWiki Lyric Legend arrives

Popular iPhone music game lands on Android

It's like Guitar Hero but for the lyrics

Popular lyric-guessing game Lyric Legend from TuneWiki has arrived in Beta on the Android Market, following a successful stint on the iOS App Store.

The game, which is free to download, is pretty much a cross-pollination of the Guitar Hero games and that awful-but-strangely-addictive-even-though-Shane-Richie-is-involved gameshow 'Don't Forget The Lyrics.'

The idea is to listen along to the song and hit the correct word bubbles that correspond with the lyrics. When there are no lyrics you tap along to the cascading beat bubbles. Sounds easy, is hard, still pretty fun.

You get a few songs with the nicely-designed application, but in order to get the best out of this game, you'll need to purchase some more well-known songs from within the app. Songs aren't cheap at 99c each, but you can earn them through kicking butt and earning gold stars in the game.

Lyric Legend has garnered an impressive 1.8m downloads on the App Store and we expect the Android version to do equally well. At 24MB it's a pretty sizable download, but represents the potential for a few hours of lyric-learning fun.

Link: Android Market

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