An Apple Vision Pro demo will take far longer than you might expect

You might have to wait for the future of computing

Apple Vision Pro
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We're not sure that many people would pick up a $3499 product on an impulse buy, but if you were thinking about just ducking your head into an Apple Store and emerging two minutes later with an Apple Vision Pro, you're out of luck. For a start it won't be released until February 2nd, and secondly, it's looking like a fairly lengthy process.

That's at least according to new information from tipster Mark Gurman who writing for Bloomberg has claimed that Apple is preparing a 25-minute demonstration to get potential owners set up with the headset. But even before that, there are a few hoops to jump through. 

The device will need to be customised to fit each person and Apple is asking users to scan their face (beforehand or in-store) with an iPhone or iPad. Then, with the results you'll be fitted with the correctly fitting headband, lenses and light seal before the demonstration can begin. Oh and if you need glasses, you'll also need to be fitted for the appropriate lenses. Hope you didn't have any urgent plans. 

Apple Vision Pro

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So what's in the demo? Well according to Gurman, they'll use an iPad to see what you see and talk you through the headset's basic functionality. That includes "how to control the pointer using a user’s eyes, how to gesture to make selections and how to hold the headset. The staffer will also show how to adjust the so-called Fit Dial on the main headband and how to use the Digital Crown for moving between virtual and augmented reality." That's pretty thorough. 

After getting to grips with the basics, the demo begins to show off the headset's capabilities. According to Gurman, prospective customers will be shown both spatial images and spatial videos, culminating in "a compelling scene that makes users feel as if they’re on a tightrope."

In fairness, the lengthy process makes sense. Virtual and mixed reality headsets aren't exactly mainstream tech yet and Apple is also positioning the Vision Pro as a new kind of headset. It's a 'spatial computer' for work and play. 

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