Amazon’s Kindle now available in crisp white

The trusty e-reader with a splash of style

Amazon have shaken things up a little and brought us a crisp white alternative...

Launched just in time for Christmas the new Kindle available in white, is apparently the 'perfect gift for someone who loves to loose themselves in a book.'

You can read an e-book on you iPad, which does the job, but after a while starts to wear down your eyesight. The non-glare book alternative- the Amazon Kindle has always been a trusty book reading device, and with Amazon's newest model boasting its most lightweight portable version in white, you might want to consider parting with your cash.

Unfortunately the Kindle white won't come with any tech spec improvements, so if you were hoping for an even better battery life or a slimmer design you might be a tad disappointed.

The new white version also comes in at exactly the same price as its black predecessor at £59.99, so that you won't be paying any extra for style. The only problem we can see with a white Kindle is that although it'll look clean and crisp when you rip of the packaging, once greasy fingers, messy children and acciendts starts to happen, it will loose that sparkling white finish.

If you opt for this Kindle you'll sure need a case.