Amazon Prime Video adds Pedro Pascal sci-fi with 89% on Rotten Tomatoes

This movie is more than a prospect

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Amazon Prime Video has just added a quality sci-fi movie, Prospect. Starring Pedro Pascal, Sophie Thatcher and Jay Duplass, it's an excellent and unique take on the genre.  

Pedro Pascal guides a young girl across a dangerous landscape, where have you heard that one before? But I'm actually not talking about The Last of Us. In fact, there are no zombies in sight in the brilliant sci-fi flick just added to Amazon Prime Video.

Prospect is a brilliantly unique sci-fi that has just arrived on the streaming service and makes a nice change of pace from other sci-fi flicks where the fate of the galaxy is at stake. This is more of a story of good old-fashioned greed, reminiscent (as the name suggests) of the California gold rush. 

After landing on a remote forest moon (not Endor, Star Wars fans) Cee (an excellent Sophie Thatcher) and her dad Damon (Jay Duplass) are after a haul of gems. Forced to travel on foot to their site, they run into another pair of prospectors led by Ezra (Pascal). Tensions are high and needless to say it doesn't end well. 

While Ezra and Cee are at loggerheads, they are also the only way each other is going to escape a moon full of dangerous mercenaries and desperate rivals, plus hopefully, get rich in the process.

It's not the most complicated setup but that's to the film's credit (not everything needs to be Inception), and it's thanks to the characterisation and visually stunning world that you want to stick around. It's captivating to see Pascal, someone everyone loves, play a pretty nasty character. At its heart, this is basically a sci-fi Western, a genre I want to see more often, and others clearly agree with the movie boasting an impressive 89% on Rotten Tomatoes

If you are into sci-fi, you might know that Apple TV+ is the current industry leader, but Amazon does have its own excellent sci-fi series, which has just been renewed for a final season.  

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