Turn your 4K TV into a MASSIVE Echo Show with this new Fire TV trick

Hold off on buying an Echo Show – Amazon just turned your TV into one

Amazon Fire TV
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Amazon's family of devices for streaming and smart homes includes a diverse range of products, from Fire TV, to Alexa-enabled smart speakers like the Echo Dot and Amazon Echo, and smart displays like the Echo Show 5.

If you already have a Fire TV device and one of Amazon's smart speakers, then you can forget about adding the Echo Show to your list of purchases for now, with the latest update that sees your TV screen utilised for an "Alexa visual experience". 

Amazon delves into the details of the update in its latest blog post, explaining how you can enjoy a slew of new hands-free features like browsing TV shows and movies, as well as having your TV display smart home camera feeds, as well as it being able to give you "visual responses" to requests like checking the traffic or weather. 

You can find a list of compatible devices on Amazon's website as well as instructions on how to link your Fire TV and Alexa device. 

Once you've jumped over that hurdle, you can kick things off with a range of simple voice commands, like:

The notable exceptions to the 'show me experience' are the Echo Show/Spot.

The new feature also means you don't have to worry when you misplace the remote; you can ask Alexa to play trailers, find movies of a particular genre, show you your watchlist, and if you own a Fire TV Edition smart TV you can also use voice commands to turn it on/off, turn the volume up/down, and even switch inputs. 

The update is rolling out over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for it! 

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