Amazing SIM Only deal: Three will give you 30GB data for just £15/month

Three does it again with this fantastic SIM Only deal

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Searching for SIM Only deals is a bit of a hobby here at T3 and we think we've come across a pretty great one: 30GB data, more than enough for most people, for just £15 per month right now.

With this offer, you get the ability to basically do whatever you want with the 30GB, including using it to hotspot other devices. If you're planning a holiday this summer, you can use the data in the EU and elsewhere, a useful tool especially with everything else going on right now.

If 30GB doesn't sound like enough, Three is also offering an unlimited data SIM Only deal for £18/month. For most people, though, the difference between 30GB and unlimited is negligible, and you may as well save that £2 every month.

Three also offers their Go Binge set of services, which means you can watch Netflix, chat away on Snapchat, listen to music on Apple Music, and a load more without cutting into your data allowance. 

Why go SIM Only? Good question. Basically, it gives you the freedom to switch phones whenever you like while retaining a good amount of data and other stuff. Owning the phone has loads of advantages and oftentimes works out cheaper than signing up to an expensive contract, especially for high end smartphones. 

Three SIM | 12 month contract | 30GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | 5G ready | £0 upfront | £15 per month | Available from Three

Three SIM | 12 month contract | 30GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | 5G ready | £0 upfront | £15 per month | Available from Three
It does what it says on the tin: 30GB of data plus unlimited texts and calls, all for £15 per month over 12 months. If you have a 5G-ready handset (lucky you!), then this SIM will work right off the bat. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the data and extra perks until your heart's content.

So, if you're in the market to swap your current SIM Only plan or dip a toe into the world of being able to swap phones whenever you want, this is a pretty ideal deal: oodles of data, Go Binge, 5G compatibility, and more, all for £15/month.

Max Slater-Robins

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