Alton Towers to open VR-enhanced roller coaster this April

The Galactica ride will be the UK's first theme park ride designed entirely around virtual reality

Staffordshire-based theme park Alton Towers has just unveiled its next big attraction - and it's one you won't even see. The Galactica is a roller-coaster with in-built VR capabilities that sees customers lie face down, strap on a VR headset and hurtle down a daunting track. Expect a few stomach-churning moments in the first few months then.

Set to open in April of this year, the Galactica will last for three minutes at a time and will send its audience on a space/science-fiction adventure through the depths of space and wormholes alike. Alton Towers are touting this as the first roller coaster built with VR in mind and is hoping for another smash hit along the lines of Nemesis and Oblivion.

So what about potential nausea? Well, the park has built the ride around the design of the car that holds the customers around its popular Air ride, which has large shoulder guards that hold the user in place and essentially stop your head from bobbing about. Alton Towers say this should solve the problem for the most part, but a few puddles of chunder may be inevitable with the union of VR and an actual roller coaster.

It makes that roller coaster VR simulation on Oculus Rift a couple of years ago look a little prescient now...

Via: Galactica

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