Best air fryer deals of Amazon Prime Day: the one we'd buy plus 6 more

There's an air fryer to suit all tastes in this guide to the best Amazon Prime Day air fryer deals

Philips HD9260/91
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2022 is the year of the air fryer – it's one of the more positive things about this year, let's face it. I was expecting air fryer deals to be all over Amazon Prime Day like a rash. A healthy, crunchy and succulent rash, perfectly cooked in no time, with low energy and fat usage. As it turns out, there actually aren't that many air fryer deals, but there are quite a few, and they include some of the very best of the breed.

The best Prime Day deals include some great savings on the best air fryers, as well as quite a lot of the not-so-good ones. I've picked out what I think is the best of the bunch but, as air fryers come in all kind of sizes, shapes and with various different features, I've also pulled out some alternatives. I'm not suggesting you buy all of them; one air fryer is probably enough for most people. A lot of people have described me as the King of Air Frying, so heed my words well. 

If you'd rather not heed my words well, there is also the option of looking at all the air fryer deals now available on Amazon

The best best air fryer deal of Amazon Prime Day

Ninja Foodi MAX 14-in-1 SmartLid: £200, was £280

Ninja Foodi MAX 14-in-1 SmartLid: £200, was £280
The original version of this is pretty much my favourite thing I've been sent this year. It's an air fryer! It's a pressure cooker! It's a steam roasting oven! It's… 11 other things. And now it's available in this fetching copper finish, with £80 off its price. Deals do not get much more on trend than this. Do not miss out.

The best 'classic' air fryer deal of Amazon Prime Day

Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer: £60, was £100

Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer: £60, was £100
This air fryer from the house of Instant Pot is in the classic style most people would recognise. It's a compact tabletop appliance with a large-ish basket secreted below a heating element and fan, with a screen and a few simple touch buttons to control it. Like all Instant Pot's stuff it's intuitive, reliable and easy to maintain. And now it's only £60! There is no way you'll get a better air fryer than this for that much.

The second best large air fryer deal of Amazon Prime Day

Instant Pot Pro Crisp 11-in-1: £170, was £250

Instant Pot Pro Crisp 11-in-1: £170, was £250
This is an air fryer, but it's so much more besides. Again hailing from the Instant Pot stable, this is a multi-cooker and pressure cooker that transforms into an air fryer by whipping off its lid and replacing it with its air fryer head. The 7.6-litre capacity makes it ideal for couples and it's far more versatile than your standard air fryer. However, I would get the Ninja over this because it does even more and only needs one lid.

The best REALLY large air fryer deal on Amazon Prime Day

Sage The Smart Oven Air Fryer: £84, was £132

Sage The Smart Oven Air Fryer: £84, was £132
The Instant Pot above may be on the large side this 12.6-litre air fryer multi-oven thing is even larger. Its air fry setting with 1500W of power will crisply cook foods '2.5x faster than a conventional oven'. All air fryers are, at heart, small ovens, but this one quite literally is a small oven. I don't really know who would want this, unless they have loads of kitchen space or almost no kitchen space, so it's the only cooking device they have room for. However, it's a well-made and affordable thing, as most Russell Hobbs products are.

Best of the rest air fryer deals on Amazon Prime Day

Tower Xpress T17038 5-in-1 Air Fryer Oven:

Tower Xpress T17038 5-in-1 Air Fryer Oven: £71, was £110
There's a ton of money off the asking price for best-selling brand Tower's T3 Award-winning air fryer. The big difference with this unit is its a hybrid of air fryer, oven and even a rotisserie, for old-school chicken cooking. That's thanks to the substantial, 11 litre capacity.

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2in1 Air Fryer: £150, was £285

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2in1 Air Fryer: £150, was £285
This is an air fryer with a difference in that you can cook runny meals in it too, such as curries and stews. There's a unique round bowl and paddle design, that keeps stirring food for perfect cooking. This constant motion also means it is brilliant at chips – up to 1.7 kilos of chips – and other frying duties. A plethora of of presets make meal-making easy.

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