AEG's new laundry range protects your clothes as well as washing them

Upgrade to one of the new AEG machines and your clothes will thank you.

You may think that all washing machines and tumble dryers are created equal - but the new appliances from AEG want to challenge that notion. If you're after machines that are going to take as much care of your clothes as you do, then read on. 

AEG's new range of laundry appliances - the 9000 Series, 8000 Series, 7000 Series and 6000 Series - has been built to exceed expectations and give you that fresh, crisp new feeling every time you pick your kit out of the dryer... not something you can say for every machine on the market. 

And with AEG having been in the electrics game for over a century now you can trust in the inner workings of these new machines to go above and beyond your average washing machine or tumble dryer. Each model in the range comes with an impressive list of features to tempt you to upgrade your current appliances. 

Soft water, gentle care 

The 9000 Series, for instance, actually softens the water before it treats your clothes, providing more efficient cleaning at lower temperatures - not only does that save you money, it's gentler on your clothes as well. That little black dress or wool sweater is going to come out just as pristine as when it went in. 

The new laundry range from AEG promises no fading wash after wash and no shrinkage guaranteed, a relief for anyone who's had an unwelcome surprise when opening up their washing machine and tumble dryer. 

Not only that but the machines can be run from your phone, so you can choose the right cycle for the types of materials you're cleaning and forget about trying to guess which setting on the dial is the correct one. No matter how many washing cycles you go through, the blacks will stay black and the colours will stay bright. 

The latest technology

You'd be foolish (or maybe just keen to get off the grid) to stick to a dumb phone now there are so many reasons to upgrade to a smart one - so why carry on using your out-dated washing machine and dryer when there are more advanced models available to upgrade to? AEG has built the state-of-the-art conditioning and handling tech into its new laundry range so your clothes can enjoy the benefits. 

Take the "outdoor" mode in the newest dryers, which has been carefully developed to be as kind to your clothes as sticking them on the washing line - even if you're dealing with delicate materials such as silk and wool. Even your water-resistant, breathable sportswear comes out looking brand new. 

From sharp shirts to sheer blouses, your clothes are cared for and not overwashed, with smart ProSense technology that assesses the size of the load and adjusts the cycle accordingly. Wear and tear, and damage to individual fibres, is no longer a problem. 

Greater energy efficiency, advanced cleaning and caring technologies, and clothes that come out feeling refreshed and revitalised - all made possible through AEG's new laundry range, which is now available at Curry's

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