A major Star Trek show is being pulled from Paramount Plus

Better catch it before it's gone forever

Star Trek Prodigy animated series
(Image credit: Paramount)

Paramount has axed several of the TV shows that appear on its own streaming service, including the animated series, Star Trek: Prodigy.

It'll remove it and three other cancelled series from Paramount+ at the end of June 2023, so if you haven't watched it yet, now's the time.

Star Trek: Prodigy is an animated series aimed predominantly at a younger audience.  It centres on the young crew of the USS Protostar, but also features the former captain of the USS Voyager, Kathryn Janeway, who is voiced by the original actress, Kate Mulgrew.

In many ways, Paramount and partner Nickelodeon we're hoping it would become the franchise's version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. However, even though it was recommissioned for a second season (the first lasting for 20 episodes), the decision has been made to scrap those plans and remove it from the streaming platform.

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Queen of the Universe, and The Game have also met the same fate.

"We want to extend our thanks to our tremendously talented cast and crew and our producing partners for their passionate work and dedication on these programs," said a Paramount+ spokesperson (as reported by The Hollywood Reporter).

"We wish them all the best on their future endeavours."

Paramount is thought to have partly timed its restructure of Paramount+ to coincide with the integration of Showtime as part of a new plan for US subscribers. This will greatly expand the platform's offering in the States: "As we prepare to combine Paramount+ and Showtime later this month in the US, we are refining our content offering to deliver the best streaming experience for subscribers," added the spokesperson.

We await details on whether UK Paramount+ subscribers will also see Star Trek: prodigy removed from the platform, as it is run separately. For example, the UK version of the service does not offer a premium option for 4K and surround sound audio - it is locked at a maximum of 1080p and stereo sound at present.

Of course, even if the show remains on the platform in the region beyond the end of June, there will still be no second season.

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