9 air fryer accessories you absolutely need for your mini-oven

Get the most out of your air fryer with these 9 must-have accessories

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Almost everyone that owns the best air fryer is absolutely obsessed with it. These mini-ovens have completely changed the way people cook by offering lazy chefs or busy families a quick and healthier way to make their meals and snacks.

While air fryers are pretty great just the way they are, there’s a reason that air fryer brands like Ninja and Tower offer so many different accessories. Having an extra basket or attachment for your air fryer takes your food to the next level by increasing your cooking space, minimising clean-up and unlocking different cooking and baking methods.

Here are nine must-have accessories you absolutely need to get the most out of your air fryer. And with the best Black Friday deals coming up, you might be able to find some of these for cheap!

1. Rack

Air fryer accessories: rack

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An air fryer rack is a simple and effective accessory that expands your cooking space by double or triple the amount. Racks easily fit into your air fryer (if you want specific dimensions, it’s worth checking out your air fryer brands website) and allow you to cook multiple layers at a time. Air fryer racks elevate and separate your food into two, three or even four sections so you can cook multiple foods simultaneously while allowing the heat to circulate more easily. This accessory is a must for meal preppers or people with small air fryers.

2. Silicone liners

Air fryer accessories: silicone liners

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While cleaning an air fryer is easier than you think, a reusable silicone liner is a useful accessory that cuts down cleaning time. By placing the liner in your air fryer basket before adding your food, it makes your air fryer easier to clean and helps contain splashes or stains further up the basket. You can find liners with handles so you can simply lift it out of the air fryer for quicker and less messy removal. Silicone liners can be used again and again, and as they come in many sizes and colours, you can use one for meat, one for vegetables and one for chips to decrease cross contamination.

3. Skewers

Air fryer accessories: skewers

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Yes, you can make kebabs and koftas in an air fryer, as long as you have skewers to hand. Skewers increase the capacity of your air fryer, offer a different way to cook kebabs and means you can cater for multiple people or meals at a time. In combination with an air fryer rack, you can create multiple layers for cooking while making them easier to flip. Stainless steel skewers are the best option but you can use wooden skewers in an air fryer too, similar to how you would in an oven or on a barbecue.

4. Grill plate

Air fryer accessories: grill plate

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Who doesn’t want to grill with their air fryer? The best way to do that is to invest in a grill plate. Grill plates sit in your air fryer basket and elevate your food for better circulation and coverage. Most grill plates are non-stick for easier cleaning and less sticking, plus you can find some with flat sides and ribbed sides so you can get grill marks on your food, synonymous with the best barbecues. The grill marks also catch the juices from your food that creates more flavour to make your meal tender and smoky.

5. Pizza pan

Air fryer accessories: pizza pan

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Although I’d suggest using the best pizza oven, you can use an air fryer to make pizzas by using a pizza pan. Most brands offer pizza pans that seamlessly slot into your air fryer and give you more cooking options while helping with general cleaning. Not only can you make pizza in this accessory, but you can also make pancakes, eggs and cookies.

6. Heat resistant mat

Air fryer accessories: heat resistant mat

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Picture this: you take out your air fryer basket and put it down on your countertop before loading up your plate with food. When you come back for cleaning, the heat of the basket has left a mark on your surfaces… not good! To prevent this from happening, get yourself a heat resistant mat so you don’t have to worry about explaining to your landlord why there are circular burn marks all over the kitchen!

7. Tongs

Air fryer accessories: tongs

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Removing things from an air fryer is pretty easy but to save you the stress of anything sticking, a good pair of tongs can come in handy. Silicone tongs are a good option as they tend to be more gentle when picking up food, meaning it won’t rip or tear on removal. Most importantly, you won’t burn your hands when taking out your meal.

8. Food thermometer

Thermoworks Thermapen One

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Most air fryers have timers built-in or a little window where you can see in to check on your food. But if you want to double check that your meal is cooked, a food thermometer is your saving grace. For those new to air frying, it can take some time to get used to so if you’re regularly under or over cooking your food, the best meat thermometer can make things easier.

9. Conversion chart

Cooking with an air fryer is much different than cooking on the hob or with a normal oven. It can be tricky to figure out how long food takes or the temperature you need, so rather than constantly checking Google for the answers, get an air fryer conversion chart instead! You can find these online which you can buy as stickers or print out and stick inside your kitchen cupboard for guidance. A conversion chart will help you get the best results every time!

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