5 things you should know before adding houseplants to your bathroom

Thinking of creating a bathroom oasis? Read these tips first

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Houseplants have become a staple in modern home decor, offering not just aesthetic appeal but also a variety of health benefits. However, when it comes to nurturing these green companions, especially in unique spaces like bathrooms, it can be difficult knowing where to start. 

To find out more, I spoke to James Chapman from Bella Bathrooms and Steven Bell, Managing Director of Paving Shopper, who shared their expertise on the dos and don'ts of bathroom houseplant care. With these tips, even the most novice plant owners can create a bathroom oasis that both looks stunning and promotes a healthier living space.

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1. Choose the right plants

When selecting plants to home in your bathroom, it's extremely important to pick ones that can thrive in humid conditions. If you choose a plant that is best suited to a dry environment, then it could possibly die within a matter of days. 

Some plants that would settle nicely into a bathroom are ferns, Chinese evergreens, snake plants, aloe vera and philodendrons. You could also add a touch of elegance with an orchid, which also flourish in humid environments.

Cacti, for example, are not suited for bathroom environments due to their preference for dry conditions.

2. Utilise all space available

In order to make the most out of your new plant haven, you should use every nook in the bathroom to store them. This includes countertops for small plants or ceiling hangings for larger greenery.

You could even wrap some eucalyptus around your shower head! It looks beautiful and works wonders for your skin when mixed with hot steam. 

3. Consider lighting levels 

It's important to remember that not all plants require bright sunlight, so choosing species that can thrive in partial shade are ideal, especially for bathrooms with smaller windows.

Jade plants are great for this as they are low maintenance and extremely adaptable, so will still thrive if not in direct sunlight. They also do well when watered regularly in spring and summer, but can cope without being watered due to being able to store water in its leaves. Jade Plants can survive for years if cared for properly. 

4. Avoid overwatering

Chapman warns against the temptation to shower plants with water, which can lead to overwatering and root damage. 

If you think about it, there are already a huge amount of water droplets in the air from using your shower or having a bath, so this means you don't have to constantly water your plants. Just give them a spray if looking a little dry and they'll be fine.

5. Don't neglect non-potted options

You should also take the opportunity to exploring beyond potted plants. As mentioned, tying eucalyptus stems and hanging them over the shower head can provide both aesthetic and health benefits, such as aiding respiratory issues.

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