5 reasons why the iPhone 14 Plus is the best new iPhone

Get the biggest iPhone 14 display without the biggest iPhone 14 price tag

Apple Iphone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus
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The new iPhone 14 Plus is a really big deal, and I mean that literally: it delivers the same massive display size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max for considerably less money. I think for many iPhone buyers it could well be the best iPhone in the iPhone 14 range.

That might seem a bit hypocritical given that I've bought the iPhone 14 Pro. But the phones tech journalists buy aren't necessarily the best phones for everybody: we're hopeless early adopters, spending over the odds to ensure we have the latest thing even if we don't really need it. And the truth is, the iPhone 14 Plus is a very good phone. Here's why. 

1. The processor is hardly obsolete

No, the Plus doesn't get the latest A-series processor. But it doesn't need it. It has the same processor as my recently traded-in iPhone 13 Pro, and there wasn't a single moment when I cursed it for performance issues. If you want to do really demanding things like incredibly intensive games or video rendering then yes, the iPhone 14 Pro is faster. But if you don't, the Plus is no slouch.

2. Big screens are brilliant

I went for the Pro because I couldn’t' afford the Pro Max, although I do wish I had the bigger display; the iPhone 14 Plus is the same size as the Pro Max and that means more of everything from movie scenes to social media feeds. It's particularly useful on websites where half the page is filled with unnecessary ads and page furniture; you actually get to see some of the content instead of just a wall of ads. It's really good for looking at your photos too. Speaking of which...

3. The camera is still very good

The Pro and Pro Max may have 48MP sensors now but most users won't be taking 48MP images – especially if like me they have the smallest storage option, which isn't big enough for constant ProRAW shooting. That means the iPhones Pro and Pro Max still produce 12MP images. They're better in low light and faster in portrait mode, but there's not a huge amount in it – and for most people the difference isn't worth an extra £200.

4. It's got brilliant battery life

According to Apple, the iPhone 14 Plus is good for 26 hours of constant video playback. That's 6 hours more than the iPhone 14. I t also delivers five hours more music playback than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Multiple reviewers are reporting that in real-world usage, the Plus has more stamina than the Pro Max.

5. It weighs less than a brick

The iPhone 14 Plus is significantly lighter than the Pro Max: 37 grams lighter, to be precise. That's 15% less weight to carry, 15% less stress on the back pocket of your jeans, 15% less weight for those of us with smaller hands or damaged ones from years of computer and phone abuse. It's fractionally lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro too.

Carrie Marshall

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