5 Best Celebrity Gadgets: Will.I.Am, Lady Gaga and more...

By best, we probably mean 'most interesting'.

Will.I.Am's 'i.am Puls' is real, and heading out to a select number of US consumers very soon indeed. And that got us thinking... who are T3's other favourite celebrity gadgeteers?

Celebrity tie-ins are a minefield for tech companies. For every Beats by Dre success story, there's an equally comical failure... but we spend ages going on about Beats, and not nearly enough time reminiscing about some of the more humorous bits of celeb-tech.

Will.I.Am i.am PULS

Not only is the i.am PULS a real thing that exists, it's actually rather intriguing. For a start, it is a completely standalone device, and supports calls, messaging, music and more without the need for a smartphone connection, thanks to built-in SIM and SD slots. Will has been doing the rounds showing off the 'smart cuff' and it actually looks pretty functional, enough to move our default setting from pessimistic to optimistic.

Canon EOS 550D Jackie Chan 'Eye of Dragon' Edition

Only 2010 of these were made (in 2010 no less), but we're still not entirely sure why. It was essentially a 550D with a fancy strap and a branded photo album, all for the grand sum of around £1000. And we're still no closer to whether Jackie is a keen photographer...

Neil Young PonoPlayer

Neil's high fidelity toblerone is starting to find its way out to those who willingly plonked $400 on one via the Kickstarter project. The PonoMusic service offers loads of hi-def FLAC files for you to stream through it, but will it fit in your pocket? Will it heck.

Lady Gaga Polaroid Sunglasses

Gaga predicted the future back in 2011 with these visor-sunglasses. Not only did they have a distinctly future-tech feel to them, they had a built-in camera capable of photo and video, all of which was saved to a memory unit in the earpiece. But they never even made a production line.

Tom Hanks Hanxwriter

Hanks - for those who don't know - is a typewriter fanatic, so much so that he's written about them for the New York Times, among others. Earlier this year he jumped into the fray with a virtual typewriter app for iPad, that faithfully recreated a variety of antique typewriters from the sounds of the keys, to the key layout and size. Even if you don't care about typewriters, you have to admire the attention to detail. Kudos, Tom.