3 amazing Sonos deals I'd buy this Black Friday to upgrade my home cinema setup

Sonos' official Black Friday discounts kick off today, here are the highlights and home cinema upgrades I'd consider

I'd written earlier this week about why you shouldn't buy any Sonos home cinema kit – but that's because I knew Sonos' best Black Friday deals were incoming. That sale officially kicks off today (Friday 17 November) and there are some decent discounts across the company's home cinema portfolio of products.

A family member of mine is actually looking to upgrade a home cinema setup, so this sale arrives at the perfect time – and I've spent quite some time pondering which three Sonos products I would buy if considering making the upgrade myself. There's plenty of choice, as outlined below:

Sonos Black Friday deals highlights:

My top 3 Sonos home cinema picks

Sonos Beam 2: was £499,now £399 on Amazon

Sonos Beam 2: was £499, now £399 on Amazon

For most people, I think the Sonos Beam is best-matched if you're looking to boost the sound of one of the best 43-inch TVs, or even up to one of the best 55-inch TVs. It will give your sound profile much greater body, width and height.

Sonos Arc: was £899,now £719 on Amazon

Sonos Arc: was £899, now £719 on Amazon

The Sonos Arc is undoubtedly bigger sounding than the Sonos Beam, so an ideal choice if you own an even larger telly, say one of the best 65-inch TVs. However, as this product is a little older, current discounts are already fairly good – but this Black Friday deal is still worth considering.

Sonos Sub Mini: was £429,now £339 on Amazon

Sonos Sub Mini: was £429, now £339 on Amazon

If buying the Sonos Beam then one thing it's incapable of delivering is sub-bass, i.e. those low-end frequencies that you can feel. That's where the Sub Mini comes into play. It's might seem pricey for a little box, but it'll transform your home cinema's sound in a dramatic way and is a hugely worthy addition – even if you buy the Beam first and ponder whether it's enough for your needs first!

I think of all the above I'd actually opt for the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) and a Sonos Sub Mini paired with that. The total price of those two products is close to a Sonos Arc, but I just think the addition of that low-end bass is what really helps transform an at-home setup. 

You've got some time to consider what you'd buy, too, as Sonos' Black Friday sale continues from right now all the way through to Cyber Monday on 27 November. Demand could be high, though, so if you're super-keen then don't hesitate. The biggest decision may actually be whether you're buying in the black or the white finish. It's also worth checking out all retailers for the best price, as you can see in the widget below:

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