Who puts innovation at the heart of your home? Hoover, that’s who

Hoover products push the boundaries of what’s possible to make your life easier

We tend to think of the smart home as a new invention, but it’s anything but. Hoover’s been using technology to transform our homes for more than a century. 

From the invention of the vacuum cleaner in 1908 to Wi-Fi washing and connected cookers in 2017, Hoover products continually push the boundaries of what’s possible to make your life easier.

Take the Vision Oven. Its door contains a massive 19-inch touchscreen that enables you not just to see what’s cooking but to watch video tutorials and control every aspect of the cooking process. 

This isn’t technology for technology’s sake. Keeping the door shut means there’s no danger of collapsing your cakes, and the HD camera delivers a crystal-clear image so you can see exactly how things are going. You can also connect via your smartphone or tablet to monitor and control the oven from wherever you happen to be. That’s brilliant if you’re entertaining or just have a bunch of stuff to get on with before dinner.

Ovens aren’t the only Hoover appliances you can control with your smartphone or tablet. The Wizard range of connected smart home appliances includes hobs and cooker hoods, fridge-freezers, tumble dryers and dishwashers, all of which enable you to control, tweak and troubleshoot from the Wizard app.

The DWFT413AH8 Dynamic Extreme washing machine is a great example of how Hoover uses technology to make your life easier. It’s packed with clever tech that constantly monitors and adjusts the wash to deliver the best results in the most energy efficient and cost-effective way, with an exceptionally good triple-A-plus energy rating and a brilliant all-in-one programme that enables you to mix colours without worrying about anything running and which takes just 49 minutes to deliver superbly clean clothes.

There’s also a really handy steam function that makes clothes easier to iron, and a thoughtful ergonomic design that reduces strain when you’re loading or unloading it. In addition to monitoring and controlling the Dynamic Extreme, the Hoover app can also download additional wash programmes for specific kinds of clothing – and the app responds to your voice as well as your touch.

Of course, we can’t talk about Hoover without talking about vacuum cleaners. The company that invented the vacuum cleaner has continued to refine it, and the DS22G Discovery Cordless Vacuum Cleaner uses cutting-edge tech to solve some very familiar problems. 

If you’ve ever had to stick things into a cordless cleaner’s bin to get the fluff out, you’ll love the HSpin-Core technology in the DS22G: it uses a separation unit inside the main chamber to spin debris and dust away from the filter, making it easy to empty without having to stick anything anywhere. 

Another common complaint with cordless vacuums is that your fingers get sore holding the trigger for the entire clean. Not with the DS22G, which has a continuous mode to give your fingers a rest. 

The Hoover DS22G solves another of our pet hates: Cordless Cleaner Roulette, where you have no idea whether your cleaner is charged or not, or how much charge it has left.

The clear battery status indicator solves that one for us, and with a hefty 35-minute running time there’s no need to worry about running out of puff mid-clean either. Factor in a turbo boost for tougher tasks and superb manoeuvrability and you’ve got a cordless cleaner that excels in any environment.

It’s impressive stuff: technology for the real world that really makes a difference. To find out how Hoover’s innovation can make your life easier, check out the full product range here.


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