Who makes super-smart ovens and AI washing machines? Hoover, that’s who

Hoover’s smart appliances can make your life easier

Forget your Googles and your Apples. When it comes to smart home tech, Hoover was inventing labour saving devices when Google’s great-grandmother was still in a pram. Hoover has been using tech to make people’s lives easier since 1908, and 110 years later it’s still pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in your home. Thanks to AO.com, Hoover’s smart home tech is a smart buy too.

Imagine if your iPad could also make your dinner

We’re really impressed by the technology in Hoover’s incredibly clever Vision Oven. Instead of a standard glass door, it has a massive 19-inch touchscreen that not only shows you what’s cooking in high definition without risking flattening your flans, but which can also show you cooking tutorials, play your favourite music or find out if the weather’s going to spoil your outdoor eating plans. And its internal HD camera streams live video to your phone, so you can see how dinner’s doing from anywhere without interrupting what you’re doing. If like us you’re currently addicted to Red Dead Redemption, that means cooking isn’t cutting into your valuable gaming time.

The washer that knows where it’s at

And then there’s the AXI washing machines, which have artificial intelligence (AI) built in. That means they can learn your habits and your routines – so if you do a 30-degree wash after every Sunday’s 5-a-side football the machine’s AI will remember that and set the wash parameters perfectly. And its Total Care programme enables you to wash all kinds of fibres and colours together with outstanding results.

That means you can power through your entire laundry pile in a fraction of the time – and because the AXI has an excellent triple-A-plus energy rating you’re getting great results without costing the earth.

Hoover AXI washing machines can even check the weather forecast, using geolocation to get your exact location for the most accurate information. That isn’t technology for technology’s sake. It’s genuinely useful.

If your AXI knows what the weather’s going to be doing it can suggest the best, most efficient cycles for getting your clothes clean and dry. Like the Vision Oven’s touch screen it’s smart technology coupled with smart thinking: technology that delivers real benefits by making your life easier.

Easy does it

Hoover’s smart appliances can make your life easier, and if you order from AO.com things get even better: with a range of great Hoover deals to choose from including By Now Pay In 12 Months to 50% of installation and cashback when you trade in your old appliances, it’s a great time to make your home smarter. 

And of course, there’s all the other benefits of AO.com’s superb customer service. Benefits like a price promise that includes online retailers as well as high street ones, so you can be sure you’re always getting the best price. Benefits like a 4-hour delivery window so you can get on with your day, and the ability to schedule your delivery on a day that suits as far as six weeks in the future. 

It’s no wonder AO.com has an Excellent rating on TrustPilot based on more than 100,000 reviews, making it the best-rated electrical retailer in the UK. When you buy from AO.com you’re dealing with a firm who cares about delivering superb customer service: in the event of any issues, there’s a UK call centre ready to help.

Who makes smart home tech that genuinely makes your life easier? Hoover, that’s who. Visit AO.com to find out more about what Hoover’s smart tech can do for you.


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