Vlogging with Joby. You’ll love it; they’ll like it

Unlock your creativity. All you need is your phone and Joby’s fabulous gizmos

Joby’s Gorillapod camera mount range is absolutely legendary in the world of online video making and picture taking, but there’s more to the brand than knobbly tripods that you can wrap around branches and fence posts to capture that perfect shot.

If you’re looking to take better photos and videos with your phone, whether that’s just for your own enjoyment, or to become the next YouTube or Instagram star, Joby has a device for you. We will now take you through some of its choicest gizmos. Think of it as a sort of live stream, but made out of words.

Your phone has an incredible camera in it, and the whole world is out there to share with. Here’s how to get the most out of your smartphone’s stills and videos.

Gorillapod Mobile Rig

Absolutely everything a vlogger needs, short of an audience, this ingenious, flexible tripod rig holds any phone in its universal GripTight Pro 2 mount, then sprouts additional arms for lights and mics, so your streams look and sound more pro. You can also add an action cam to the setup, and a GoPro mount is included.

Easy to setup, the Mobile Rig can be effortlessly adjusted for tilt, and to switch between landscape and portrait mode, for a more cinematic or intimate, IGTV feel. It’s like having a whole camera crew that can be folded up and put in a bag – not something you should do with an actual camera crew. The Mobile rig weighs just 360g but it’s a heavyweight content creation tool that could help fire you to YouTube stardom, all for just £89.95.

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These high quality, telescoping tripods can also double as a selfie stick and handgrip. Like the Gorillapods they’re incredibly well built portable and easy to use. When creating is this much fun, it feels so much easier. 

This is actually a whole family of products, with models for compact and CSC cameras, action and VR cams, as well as mobile. There’s the option of the same GripTight mount as on the Gorillapod Mobile rig, for ultimate versatility and ease.

You can extend the hand grip for easy, straight-to-camera videos, while the bundled Bluetooth shutter remote lets you shoot from greater distance. This might be all the mount you ever need, whether you specialise in video, stills or 360 visuals. Pricing on the smartphone-friendly models is from £54.95.

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At just £22.95, this entry-level mini tripod packs in a lot of quality for not much outlay. Whether you’re shooting stills or video, this handy little helper can act as a tripod or handheld stand, with a neatly sculpted, ergonomic handgrip.

Allowing quick and simple setup, the Handypod has a push button locking mechanism to ensure perfect portrait shooting every time.

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Joby also does a full range of accessories, spares and interchangeable mounts. It’s your key to a world of creativity on your smartphone.

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