Top 5 Shopping Apps

The apps you need in your pocket and on your side when you hit the high street

It's getting closer to Christmas every day, whether you like it or not. Here's the shopping apps you need in your pocket and on your side in order to save a pretty penny

When you first open the app, it asks you to create a Shoppy account, then you need to create and name your shopping list. Adding new items to a shopping list is easy and quick - it's quite a nicely designed app. There are two modes, shop and edit, which you toggle between with a slider. We occasionally had issues with our Nokia X6's touchscreen in getting the mode slider to respond, but generally, Shoppy is a very useful app to have.

Shoppy Full Review | T3 App Chart

If you have ever fancied having a go at being a till operator at Sainsbury's or Waitrose then now is your chance! RedLaser is a genuinely amazing barcode scanner that lets you scan the barcode of almost any item and then tells you where you can buy it and for how much. Not only that, it is one of those apps that you will find yourself showing off to your non-iPhone owning mates. Sometimes, however, the scanning is difficult to do if you are in a dark or poorly-lit room, for example.

RedLaser Full Review | T3 App Chart

If you have a massive family, you'll know that the shopping lists can get pretty long and coordinating the weekly shop can be tricky to say the least. So with OurGroceries, you get the chance to have interactive shopping lists that can be shared over Android, iPhone and BlackBerry applications. We don't see the point in a collaborative shopping list, as you'd either be with the other shoppers or doing it yourself. But it does remove that annoying phone call asking you to remember more stuff!

OurGroceries Full Review | T3 App Chart

Ocado is the online supermarket division of Waitrose and its shopping app really is exemplary. It is actually easier and more pleasurable to do your shopping via the iPhone app than to do it via Ocado's website. You have to set up an online account with Ocado, which is pretty quick and painless. The first time you sign up the app will download the store's entire 22MB product catalogue. The online store has well over 15,000 items organised into categories such as toiletries, food, pet care and so on.

Ocado Full Review | T3 App Chart

Google Shopper
Aimed at making the shopping experience that little bit easier and cheaper, it turns your phone into an all-in-one barcode scanner, price checker and discount snaffler. For instance, if you see a book you really want, you can scan the barcode or even take a photo of the cover and the app will see if you can get it cheaper. If neither of these work, you can even speak the title's name into the phone. Even if you just use it as a reviews checker, it comes in handy to see if that Blu-ray player you really, really want is worth splashing your hard-earned on.

Google Shopper Full Review | T3 App Chart

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