Think big with the Hoover H-WASH HW411AMC/1

Why Hoover’s high-tech washer is a big deal for big families

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When it comes to washing, size matters: a machine that’s fine for smaller households can really struggle with the demands of bigger or more active families. 

If you’ve ever had to split the wash into multiple loads or tried to fit a big wash into a little washer, Hoover has got good news for you. Its H-WASH 500 range includes models with a whopping 14kg capacity. That’s big enough to wash 70 shirts at once, and more than enough room for a full load of 14 large towels. And because Hoover’s range of H-WASH 500 washing machines are all A energy rated, this means wash days are easier on the pocket and better for the environment too.

It’s big and it’s clever

Hoover’s H-WASH HW411AMC/1 with 11kg capacity isn’t just big, although its large 11kg drum can wash 55 shirts or 11 large towels at once. It’s clever too. It’s packed with clever technology that’s designed to make your life easier and save you money. Technology such as Active Care, which intelligently analyses your wash to create the perfect mix of detergent and water to shift even the most stubborn grass, ketchup and chocolate stains. 

Technology such as Auto Care, which uses sensors to monitor the load and adjusts cycle time, water and energy usage to deliver superb cleaning results in the most efficient way.

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Technology such as the hygiene wash, which is brilliant for baby clothes and for anyone with allergies: it keeps the wash at a steady 60ºC for over 20 minutes to kill off bacteria and allergens and deliver an incredible deep clean.

Technology such as Hoover’s Eco-Power Inverter Motor, which is so quiet you can put on a wash to run when everybody’s in bed.

And technology such as Hoover’s innovative and helpful hOn app, which is available for both iOS and Android. It not only notifies you when your wash is done but enables you to download extra programmes for every conceivable kind of clothing. It can even help you find the best way to get rid of specific stains on particular kinds of clothes: simply tell it what you’re dealing with – for example coffee, tomato juice, tea or ink – and it’ll tell you exactly what cycle will make it disappear. In addition to the stain removal guides the app contains over 50 tips on how to treat specific kinds of clothes.

And finally, as it’s A energy rated, this washing machine has ultimate energy efficiency and is better for the environment. It also saves you money, being 51% more efficient than a G rated washing machine, which is equivalent to a saving of £135 over the lifetime of the product.

Make every day easier

Hoover has designed the H-WASH 500 range to make every day easier. It has specific programmes for freshening up everyday items, for efficient washing at lower temperatures and for looking after your most delicate fabrics, and it also has specialist programmes such as the fitness wash, which gets your gym kit ready for action without damaging its synthetic fibres. The hOn app gives you access to a further 40+ specialist programmes, ensuring your Hoover H-WASH HW411AMC/1 is ready for anything.

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If you’ve got a big family but a small space, Hoover has thought of that too: the H-WASH 500 range also includes large capacity washer-dryers with the same clever cleaning technology.

Super smart. Super strong

The Hoover H-WASH HW411AMC/1 with 11kg capacity is designed to deliver exceptional cleaning power every day for an incredibly long time, and it’s tough enough to cope with the demands of even the most active families. The Eco-Power Inverter Motor is the longest-lasting, most powerful belt technology in the entire market, and it’s powered by a smart algorithm that delivers 60% more efficient performance than standard washing machines. Active Balance technology reduces washing time and vibrations, and as we’ve discovered Active Care and Auto Care ensure maximum efficiency and zero waste. Together, these technologies mean that the H-WASH 500 range delivers incredible efficiency and performance day after day after day. 

The price you want. The day you want it

If you’ve ever wasted a day waiting and wondering when a delivery will actually arrive, you’ll love AO’s delivery options. You can have next day delivery seven days a week, and you can also specify a particular time slot so that your Hoover H-WASH HW411AMC/1 is delivered at the time that suits you best. Not only that, but you can be sure you’ve got it for the best possible price too. That’s because AO’s price promise guarantees that you’ll always get the very best price.

AO prides itself on going the extra mile for its customers, which is why it offers not just great prices and flexible delivery but superb customer service and free returns for a whopping 100 days. It’s no wonder that there are over 170,000 five-star reviews from delighted AO customers on TrustPilot.

To find out more about the massive Hoover Hoover H-WASH HW411AMC/1 with 11kg capacity and how it can make every day easier, check out the range at AO here.

(Image credit: Hoover)

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