The washing machine that’ll lighten the load

This family-friendly washer can even do your dry cleaning

(Image credit: Siemens)

Hallowe’en isn’t the only scary thing about October. With the kids back in school, sports in season and the weather getting wetter, October also means lots and lots of laundry. Thank goodness for Siemens’ SensoFresh range, which enables you to spend less time washing and more time living. 

Siemens SensoFresh appliances bring innovative technology to the world of washing, and they’re particularly brilliant for families and for anyone with active lifestyles. And if you buy yours from John Lewis & Partners, you can benefit from an exceptional guarantee of up to five years and save £60 when you trade in your existing appliance.

Fresh thinking for fresher fabrics

The Siemens SensoFresh iQ500 WM14VPH3GB freestanding washing machine is really rather special. Its 9kg capacity means it’s ideal for families – that’s equivalent to 45 shirts in one wash – and its 1400rpm spin speed enables it to spin away the excess water so your clothes dry much more quickly. It’s really energy efficient too, with a triple-A-plus energy efficiency rating for exceptionally low running costs.

It’s also brilliant at removing the kinds of stains that other appliances can struggle with. Siemens’ clever stainRemoval technology quickly and efficiently removes some of the most common stains, and it does so without requiring you to use harsh additives or manual pre-treatment. Whether it’s grass from the football pitch or spilled wine from when the kids are in bed, stainRemoval intelligently adjusts the temperature, drum speed and soaking time to remove unsightly marks automatically. 

Clean the clothes you’d usually dry clean

SensoFresh is also superb at refreshing delicate fabrics such as cashmere and silk, fabrics you’d normally take to the dry cleaner. It can remove even the most stubborn odours from the most delicate fabrics, and it does it without using any chemicals. Instead, it creates an oxygenated mist that delivers incredibly effective and incredibly gentle cleaning that removes up to 99.9% of all bacteria and germs. That means it’s kind to your clothes and kind to the environment too.

Less time washing. More time for you

One of the most important benefits of the SensoFresh range is that it saves you a lot of time. 

If you’re often in a hurry you’ll love the Quick Wash feature, which cleans clothes in just 30 minutes – and thanks to the 1400rpm spin speed your clothes don’t come out dripping wet, so they take much less time to dry. If you’re forgetful like us it’s brilliant for those Sunday evening uniform panics, and it’s also really useful if you’ve been working at home and need your best shirt for a short-notice Zoom meeting. 

(Image credit: Siemens)

Controlling the wash? There’s an app for that

The SensoFresh range is full of smart technology, and that extends to its controls. The easy to use Home Connect app for iOS and Android enables you to access and control your washing machine from wherever you are, and it will send you a push notification to tell you when the cycle is finished. And when you look at the digital display on the machine itself it takes the guesswork out of the equation by telling you exactly how much longer your wash is going to take.

Save time, save energy and save money

Designed for the modern, energy-efficient homes of today, the Siemens iQ500 WM14VPH3GB delivers exceptional results quickly, quietly and incredibly efficiently, and it’s as effective on your most delicate clothes as it is on sports kit. 

Siemens’ SensoFresh saves you time, saves energy and it even saves you trips to the dry cleaner – and when you buy yours from John Lewis & Partners it saves you money too. Not only can you save £60 when you trade in your own appliance, but connecting your SensoFresh and recycling your old appliance are completely free – and in addition to John Lewis’s already generous two-year guarantee, you can claim a further three years at no additional cost.

Click here to find out more about Siemens’ SensoFresh technology and the superb iQ500 WM14VPH3GB washing machine.

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