The ultimate VR set-up: T3 puts together a super system for exploring virtual worlds

Get your head in the game with the best virtual reality tech and peripherals

Reader Jon Warren has been saving up to buy his first VR kit and is now ready to splurge. He tried the HTC Vive and loved it, but doesn’t know where to start when looking for a suitable gaming PC.

Luckily that is where T3 comes in...

01: HTC Vive

When it comes to VR in 2016, HTC’s Vive is the one to beat. Front-facing cameras on the headset blend real-world elements with your VR experience, and the adjustable headstrap ensures good balance and enhanced comfort. Handily, the Vive comes with everything you need to get started. The included Vive controllers might look a little odd, but with haptic feedback, complete motion tracking and an intuitive control pad on each, you’ll quickly feel at home. Also in the box are two motion-tracking base stations to position in your living room for a total room scale experience.

02: MSI GT72VR Dominator Pro

Want your Vive experience to be as portable as possible, or don’t fancy a PC permanently set up in your living room? Then MSI’s Dominator Pro is the ideal solution. This gaming laptop delivers insane graphical oomph with its built-in Nvidia 1070 mobile GPU, and has been built with VR in mind. The bonus? It’ll run the rest of your PC games collection at both high and ultra settings.

Price: £2,050 | Buy MSI GT72VR Dominator Pro

03: Saitek Pro Flight X52 System

Space sim Elite Dangerous is high on the must-play lists of many Vive users. If that includes you too, team it with the Saitek X52 System. You’re effectively blindfolded in VR, so intuitive controls are a must. The X52 flight kit comprises an ultra-precise joystick and a throttle with programmable resistance, enabling you to feel exactly what you’re doing.

Price: £149 | Buy Saitek Pro Flight X52 System

04: Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR

While you can use standard gaming headphones with the Vive, the Stealth 350VR’s boast an ultra-light design that works well for prolonged use in VR land. These cans are comfortably-cushioned and deliver great sound, thanks to the built-in battery-powered amplification.

05: Vive Ready HP Computer Bundle

Here’s an alternative to the MSI laptop... HTC and HP have teamed up for this money-saving bundle, featuring the Vive coupled with HP’s slick-looking Envy 750 PC, housing a Radeon RX 480 graphics card that’s well-suited to VR. As complete solutions go, it’s hard to find one better. The PC also comes with two VR experiences, including Valve’s beginner friendly The Lab.

Price: £1,499 | Buy Vive Ready HP Computer Bundle

06: HTC Vive VR Cover

Think about it: your headset is constantly pressed against your face, which means plenty of grease and sweat soaking into the foam – and that material can’t be washed easily. Oh, so now you want a cover! Well, the cotton Vive VR Cover makes things significantly more hygienic, not to mention comfier.

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