The smart washing machine that’s hygienically clean

Samsung can save you time and money. It can even handle forgotten socks

(Image credit: Samsung)

We love it when products are designed for real life. Take AddWash™*, which you’ll find in some of Samsung’s amazing ecobubble™ washing machines. Forgotten a sock? No problem, just pause the wash, open the AddWash™  door and pop it in.

AddWash™ is a great example of the smart thinking in Samsung’s excellent ecobubble™ washing machines. They’re full of cutting-edge technology that’s there to make your clothes cleaner and your life easier. 

Brilliant bubbles for cleaner clothes

Samsung’s white WW90T684DLH (and its graphite-coloured sibling, the WW90T684DLN) are packed with clever technology such as ecobubble™, which creates the perfect mix of air, detergent and water to create tiny cleaning bubbles that penetrate your clothes and remove even the most stubborn stains, even at cooler temperatures. And you never need to guess how much detergent to add, because Samsung’s Auto Dose technology works out the perfect quantity for every load.

Ecobubble™ is great for all kinds of clothes, and it’s particularly good for the sort of tough stains that can be a real problem for other washing machines such as grass marks on football kit or wine stains on delicate shirts. With ecobubble™, there’s no need to wash them at potentially harsh high temperatures or for long periods: its Bubble Soak makes quick work of even baby food and other notoriously tough stains, and it does it at low washing temperatures to reduce your energy consumption and help you do your bit to help the environment.

If you’re washing baby clothes or someone in your household suffers from allergies, you’ll appreciate Samsung’s Hygiene Steam feature. This uses steam to banish more than just stains and smells: by using steam to penetrate deeply into fabrics it also removes allergens and 99% of bacteria**, ensuring your clothes aren’t just sparklingly clean but hygienically clean too.

Saving you time as well as money

At this time of year it sometimes feels like the laundry pile is never-ending. Samsung can help with that. The large 9kg capacity can wash up to 45 shirts at once, and you can do an entire 5kg load in just 59 minutes without cutting corners thanks to Samsung’s Super Speed programme. There’s also a 15 minute Quick Wash that’s ideal for refreshing things in a hurry.

Self-cleaning for a fresher wash

If you’ve ever had a whiffy washing machine you’ll like Drum Clean+, because Samsung knows that clean clothes start with a clean washer. Drum Clean+ removes 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria from the drum without using any harsh chemicals, and it also shifts dirt from the door seal. You don’t need to worry about scrubbing out the detergent drawer either: Samsung’s StayClean Drawer is self-cleaning and gets rid of soap build-up for a fresher, cleaner wash.

The drum of Samsung’s WW90T684DLH is gentle enough to protect all of your clothes, tough enough to handle even the most demanding washes and quiet enough to fade into the background even in open-plan rooms. That’s thanks to Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor, which is precision engineered for ultra-quiet performance and incredibly long life: Samsung guarantees it for 10 years. 

(Image credit: Samsung)

A smarter washing experience

Samsung’s control panel is smart too. It’s easy to use and remembers your laundry habits so it can quickly suggest your favourite cycles. And the SmartThings*** app enables you to monitor and control the app from anywhere. It even enables you to download additional specialist washing programmes for specific kinds of clothes and stains. 

Save time and save money

With a family-friendly 9kg capacity, ecobubble™ technology and Hygiene Steam, these Samsung 9kg Washing Machines deliver truly exceptional cleaning and hygiene, and with their more efficient cleaning and super-speedy wash programmes they save you time as well as money. And if you buy yours from John Lewis & Partners you don't just get stellar service and John Lewis's generous two-year guarantee: you get an additional three-year guarantee from Samsung at no extra cost****. That's five whole years of peace of mind. Not only that, but if you buy either the white WW90T684DLH or graphite WW90T684DLN before 3 November you can also claim £60 cashback. 

Samsung’s ecobubble™ washing machines are our kind of smart home tech: they’re incredibly energy efficient, they deliver brilliant results and their technology is there to make your life easier – whether that’s getting baby clothes hygienically clean or ensuring that a forgotten sock won’t make you furious.

Click here to find out more about ecobubble™ technology and the incredible Samsung WW90T684DLH and WW90T684DLN.

* AddWash™ door can be opened at any time when the drum temperature is below 50°C.  

** Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from the inside of the washing machine and removes dirt from the rubber gasket. Based on testing by Intertek of the Drum Clean+ cycle.

*** Available on Android and iOS. An internet connection is required.

**** Registration required within 90 days of purchase. T&Cs apply.

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