Spring has sprung! It’s time to get fresh in your kitchen

Make feasts for all the family with this brilliant buy from Belling and AO

Belling Cookcentre 90
(Image credit: Belling/AO.com)

Spring has sprung, and that’s brilliant news for food lovers: it’s when the shops are full of the finest, freshest Spring ingredients for making amazing meals. 

It’s also a brilliant time for upgrading your kitchen kit. If like us you’ve been doing a lot more cooking in recent months, the downsides of your current cooker have probably become painfully obvious: the hob that doesn’t go hot enough or have enough room for your culinary creations; the oven that doesn’t cook consistently and leaves you with an unexpectedly soggy bottom; the cooker that can’t cope with more than a single course, forcing you to juggle trays and timings.

AO can help with that. Its incredible range of range cookers and kitchen appliances can help you make incredible meals with much less stress and mess, and its price guarantee can put a spring in your step by saving you money too. From incredibly affordable and efficient options for your first kitchen to the truly delicious and desirable Belling dual fuel range cookers AO is the place to go.

The style of an AGA without the drama

Belling’s range cookers deliver the style of an AGA without any of the downsides: they give you enough space for family feasts and effortless entertaining, and with a range of fuel types to choose from including electric and dual fuel models you can keep your energy bills down too. That flexibility of Belling’s range cookers helps ensure that you’re not wasting money by heating bits of the cooker you’re not using – the Belling has an A/A energy rating – and it means you don’t have to start juggling different bits of dinner because your oven can’t do more than one thing at once. 

We particularly like Belling’s dual fuel models, such as the Cookcentre 90. It delivers the best of both worlds thanks to its gas hob and enormous electric oven.  On top there’s a huge cooking area with five independent gas burners of four different sizes, delivering the perfect amount of heat whether you’re sautéing, searing or stir-frying. And in the middle there’s not two but three cavities containing two electric ovens and a separate electric grill. You can use each bit separately for quick lunches and simple meals, or you can use them all together in whatever combination suits the meal you’re making. And if a gas hob doesn’t suit, Belling has equally impressive models with induction hobs and ceramic hobs to suit any kitchen.

Belling Cookcentre 90

(Image credit: Belling/AO.com)

For big families and big adventures

Despite their compact dimensions – many of Belling’s range cookers are just 90cm wide – these cookers have massive cooking capacity of up to 69 litres. That means they’re ideal for large households as well as exciting cooking adventures. And their generously proportioned hobs have more than enough room for you stir-fry or sear your mains in the middle while you make sides and sauces at the same time. These are cookers that’ll make you want to run through your recipe books and rediscover the joy of making tasty treats and family feasts.

The perfect place to buy your Belling

Belling’s range cookers are a brilliant blend of timeless style and clever cooking technology, and if you buy yours from AO, you can be sure of getting the very best price. AO’s price match promise makes sure you won’t find a better deal anywhere else by checking its prices every single day. 

As an AO customer you won’t just get a fantastic range cooker. You’ll also get fantastic customer service including 24/7 home shopping, seven-day delivery and delivery slots to suit you. That means there’s no need to spend all day waiting for the courier to arrive. There’s also a free 100 day returns policy for extra peace of mind.

It’s no wonder that AO has over 200,000 five-star reviews from delighted customers on TrustPilot.

Click here to explore the full range of Belling Range Cookers and discover the one that’s perfect for your family. 


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