Samsung’s washing machines can save you money (and the planet)

Because doing the laundry shouldn’t cost the earth

Samsung washing machines at John Lewis
(Image credit: Samsung)

With the recent, slightly terrifying, increase in energy costs, there has never been a better time to look at your energy consumption. And of course, how to cut it. Samsung is a market leader when it comes to saving you money through more energy-efficient cleaning and drying that nonetheless gives you perfect results every time. 

Available at John Lewis, Samsung Ecobubble washing machines and heat pump tumble dryers are better for your clothes, your bank balance and – thanks to reduced electricity and water usage – the planet as well.

By upgrading to one of their A-rated washing machines or tumble dryers, you could save as much as 21% on your electricity bills.1 And just to prove it, they’ve also created the SmartThings Energy app, which actually lets you track your spending as you clean, on selected models. 

Let’s take a closer look at the tech in Samsung’s wash-day wonders…

1 21% saving based on the average energy use of Samsung A rated Washing Machines versus the average energy usage of other manufacturers’ washing machines sold in major UK retailers on 01/11/21 with new energy labels available.

Ecobubble Washing Machines

Samsung washing machines at John Lewis

(Image credit: Samsung)

If you want the triple satisfaction of gently cleaned clothes that feel better against your skin and last for longer and up to 21% lower energy bills, you should float away on Samsung’s Ecobubble.

This technology, built into all the brand’s latest washing machines, mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that get to work on cleaning your clothes faster than water alone. This means you can not only get fantastic results at cooler temperatures, but also that your clothes look their best and feel beautifully fresh and new for longer.

That is not to say that Samsung washing machines are gentle on stains and bacteria, however – far from it. In fact, thanks to Hygiene Steam, they can eliminate 99.9% of germs2.

Samsung washing machines boast wash capacities up to 10.5kg, so you can get all your household’s clothes, towels and bedding done in fewer loads. Spin speeds of 1400rpm mean clothes come out dryer, and you’ll be amazed at how quiet the machines are, even on the fastest spin. You can even run them at night without keeping yourself awake or infuriating your neighbours.

2 Testing done by Intertek on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli and DermatophagoidesfarinaeHughes, on 100% cotton, 3kg load, with standard powder detergent. Individual results may vary.

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

Samsung washing machines at John Lewis

(Image credit: Samsung)

You can cut energy costs by upgrading to an A-rated Samsung washing machine, but if you want to truly upgrade your savings, add a Samsung tumble dryer to the mix. Thanks to the heat pump tech that all Samsung tumbler dryers use, they can help you save over £200 per year3.

Heat Pumps are the hottest ever thing to hit the home laundry market. By reheating the air in the drum, heat pump drying is gentler on your most delicate clothes, and much more energy efficient than traditional condenser or vented tumble dryers.

Other smart Samsung tumbler technology includes Optimal Dry, which senses the levels of moisture and heat in the drum and adjusts drying times accordingly. Again, this protects your clothes and saves you money.

3 £207 saving based on the average energy usage of Samsung Heat Pump Tumble Dryers versus the average energy usage of condenser tumble dryers sold in major UK retailers on 21/10/21 with energy labels available, completing 260 cycles per year on an energy cost of 18.86p per kWh.

SmartThings Energy

Samsung washing machines at John Lewis

(Image credit: Samsung)

Not a machine but an app, SmartThings Energy4 taps into the power of your smart meter to let you see exactly how much energy you’re using while cleaning and drying your clothes. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, SmartThings Energy puts you in control, no matter what supplier you're with.

4 Requires SmartThings App available on Android and iOS devices. An internet connection is required.

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