Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei P30 Pro: the 2019 flagship phones go head to head

Which of these stunning smartphones will be the best of the best?

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Header image: Evan Blass / MobileFun / Olixar

Ahead of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 Pro, we already know that these two phones are going to be two of the best flagships that 2019 has to offer – so exactly how are they going to stack up against each other? We're about to tell you.

At the time of writing neither the Galaxy S10 nor the P30 Pro have been officially unveiled, but we've seen a flood of leaks, rumours and teasers, which means we're now pretty sure what these handsets will offer. Here's how they compare in all the areas that matter.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei P30 Pro: design

Samsung Galaxy S10 leak

Samsung Galaxy S10 leak (credit: GSMArena / MobileFun

There are only so many ways you can redesign a slab of glass and metal, and both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 Pro look like following the design template set down by their respective predecessors – the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Huawei P20 Pro.

That said, we are expecting some changes. Samsung is being tipped to switch to a hole punch notch design with the Galaxy S10, slimming down the bezels further and moving the fingerprint sensor round to the front of the device, underneath the display. Apparently the screen is also getting a boost from 5.8 inches to 6.1 inches.

We don't know quite as much about the Huawei P30 Pro, which might launch later than the Galaxy S10 – March instead of February. The screen size is rumoured to be around the same as the Galaxy S10, though it's also said to be keeping a more conventional notch on the front of the display. Again the fingerprint sensor should be under the screen, as it was on the Mate 20 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei P30 Pro: specs

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

These cameras are going to get a speed bump over their predecessors from last year, we can be sure about that. The Samsung Galaxy S10 should come sporting the Snapdragon 855 or the Exynos 9820 CPU, depending on region, while the Huawei P30 Pro is almost certain to have the equally nippy Kirin 980 processor on board.

Aside from that, the rumour mill points to 6GB or 8GB RAM options for the Galaxy S10, and the same for the Huawei P30 Pro. The P20 Pro had 6GB and 8GB choices, so maybe this year Huawei will go even higher – the impressive Mate 20 Pro that Huawei launched in October 2018 also topped out at 8GB of RAM, so 2019 could be the time for an upgrade.

As for on-board storage, we haven't heard much about this spec as far as the Huawei P30 Pro is concerned – expect at least as much as the 256GB on the top P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro models, plus a memory card slot. We're hearing that the Samsung Galaxy S10 may feature as much as 1TB of internal storage, though maybe that'll be saved for the S10 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei P30 Pro: features

Samsung event invite

Samsung event invite

Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Huawei P20 Pro came crammed with features – wireless charging, water resistance – so there aren't many possible improvements left for 2019. We know both Huawei and Samsung are working on 5G technology, but it probably won't appear in either the Galaxy S10 or the P30 Pro.

One area we might see big improvements is in the cameras. The Samsung Galaxy is being tipped to make the leap from a single-lens rear camera to a triple-lens rear camera, while the Huawei P30 Pro will go from a triple-lens rear camera to a quad-lens model this time around. Expect Samsung and Huawei to spend a lot of time talking about the camera capabilities of their phones come launch day – it might be difficult to split these phones in terms of photo-taking prowess.

We should see Android 9 Pie make an appearance on both these phones, complete with the Android skins added by Samsung and Huawei. Samsung recently revamped the interface of its Android software with a new One UI look, and that'll be coming to the Galaxy S10 as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei P30 Pro: verdict

Huawei P30 Pro leak

Huawei P30 Pro leak (credit: Concept Creator)

With the obvious caveat that we're writing this based on rumoured specs rather than actual ones, we're not going to jump to any conclusions too early – though it's fair to say most of the speculation we've seen so far about these two phones is pretty well-informed, and is likely to be close to the mark.

The bottom line is these phones will be very well matched in all the key areas – performance, display, camera capabilities, battery life... which one is right for you may well come down to the sort of prices you can find for them when they go on sale. Nothing's official yet, but the Samsung Galaxy S10 is tipped to start at around $779 / £799, while the Huawei P30 Pro might be just a touch cheaper.

Picking between the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 Pro may well come down to which of these phone designs you prefer, when they're actually unveiled – and which Android branding you like best, Samsung's or Huawei's. As soon as these phones are made official, we'll let you know here.