Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date, price, camera, leaks, rumours: everything we already know

Samsung is hard at work on a new 5G-touting, stylus-equipped Galaxy Note 10

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Samsung has only just taken the wraps off the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and bendy Galaxy Fold, but we're already excited at the prospect of an all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

We aren't expecting Samsung to tear up the rulebook this year, so we're likely to see the stylus-touting handset unveiled on-stage around July or August. Likewise, we expect Samsung will move to two-digit numbers on the Galaxy Note range, just like it has done with the Galaxy S – despite earlier rumours it would move to something completely different, like Galaxy X or something.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 announced in August 2018 is a staggering phone with a gorgeous design and brimming with a load of useful productivity features centred around the mighty S-Pen stylus, so how does Samsung plan to improve the next entry into its productivity-focused range? Well, read on and find out everything we know about the Note 10 so far...

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date and price

Unfortunately, we haven't managed to sneak into any Samsung boardroom meetings lately, so we can only speculate for now. However, it seems a safe bet that the Galaxy Note 10 will break cover in August 2019 – exactly one year after Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 9. That's also five months after the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. That gives those new phones enough time to make an impact before the next Samsung flagship arrives.

As for the price of the Galaxy Note 10, you might want to get saving: the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 went on sale for £899 for the lowest configuration, and there's no reason to suspect its successor will get a price cut. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10 starts from £799 for 128GB of built-in storage, and rises to £999 for the model with 512GB of built-in storage. The Galaxy S10 Plus, which we suspect will be more in line with the Galaxy Note 10 in terms of screen size and specs, starts from £899 for the 128GB model, maxing out at £1,399 for the 1TB storage model with 12GB of RAM.

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 includes support for 5G networks, it could cost more than any of these Galaxy S models.

Samsung has already announced a 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 handset, which is imaginatively named Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Unfortunately, there's no word on prices for the 5G model. However, we'd be willing to bet that it won't be cheap.

Not only does the new smartphone boast support for the next-generation network speeds, but it will also sport the largest display of any of the Galaxy S10 range, and include an all-new advanced depth sensing camera capable of bringing Live Focus-style bokeh to the background of videos for the first time.

Samsung says it will launch the Galaxy S10 5G in “early summer”, so we'd be very surprised if the Galaxy Note 10 doesn't share at least some features with this 5G-touting powerhouse.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: design

By now we know Samsung's approach to the design of the Galaxy Note series: big handsets with minimal bezels and curved screens. We'd be surprised if we didn't see the same Infinity-O display design make its way across to the Galaxy Note range.

This allows the screen fill every corner on the front of the handset, almost eliminating the bezels entirely. The speaker grill is relegated to the border around the phone and the front-facing selfie camera is rehoused in an O-shaped cut-out in top right-hand corner of the screen (hence the name "Infinity-O", get it?).

By switching its Galaxy S10 range over to the new design, Samsung managed to squeeze larger screens into smartphones without increasing the size of the handset.

According to the latest reports in the Asian media, Samsung might push the screen size to a pocket-busting 6.66-inches in a bid to stay ahead of the pack. Ultra HD 4K and HDR support should be included too, making this potentially one of the greatest displays ever stuck on front of a smartphone.

A new concept video from popular YouTube channel TechConfigurations treats us to a look at the Galaxy Note 10 in copper, light blue and purple, though it's a bit too early to speculate on the sort of hues the giant handset is going to come in. Those three finishes, plus a black colour, were available on the Galaxy Note 9, so we might see a similar sort of range on shelves later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: specs and features

The codename "da Vinci" is being used for the Galaxy Note 10 inside Samsung, according to recent leaks, which makes us think some kind of reinvention could be on the cards. It might point to a total redesign (da Vinci was famous for his designs), or it might be suggesting that the phone will be better for creatives – the S-Pen got extra Bluetooth-based features this year, so is Samsung going to give it another significant upgrade in 2019?

Inside, we're likely to get a serious bump in specs – with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or the Samsung-built Exynos 9820 likely to be aboard the Note 10 for super-fast processing, video editing, and better battery life. However, it's possible that a new Exynos chipset will be available in time to power the Galaxy Note 10. The Exynos 9825, rumoured to launch later this year could give the handset even more of a boost in performance and battery life, as well as 5G network capabilities.

According to reliable Samsung-centric blog SamMobile, the successor to the Galaxy Note 9, which purportedly uses the model number SM-N975F in the factory, will have a quadruple rear-mounted camera. 

Samsung only recently added a third camera onto the back of its latest entry into the flagship Galaxy S range. If this new Note 10 report is accurate, it seems like the Seoul-based company is moving fast when it comes to throwing extra lens around. 

That said, the Galaxy S10 5G, which is mooted to launch later this year, will add an advanced hQVGA 3D-depth sensing camera to the triple-camera system on the standard Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus models. However, it's unclear whether the Galaxy Note 10 will have the same four-camera set-up as the 5G-enabled S10, which will offer improved bokeh-style blur to Live Focus photographs as well as bringing the effect to video footage in real-time for the first time, or a new camera system.

It's possible the camera on the Note 10 instead features some seriously impressive zoom functionality, too, now that Samsung has bought Israeli company Corephotonics, which is an expert in the field. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Another piece of important technology that should be ready: 5G capabilities. Again, this is an innovation that's likely to come to the Galaxy S10 phones next year as well as the Galaxy Note 10 – it doesn't really matter that actual 5G networks are still in their infancy, because Samsung still gets the bragging rights and phones that are fully future-proofed.

AT&T has jumped the gun in the US by announcing that it will be bringing 5G support to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, so we know that the tech is going to be embedded in the phone – that's one Galaxy Note 10 rumour we can confirm already.

We have heard one disappointing rumour though: that the Galaxy Note 10 will be ditching the headphone jack. The Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus may well be the last phones from Samsung to feature a 3.5mm audio port, which is a shame (get those USB-C dongles at the ready).

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: what we want to see

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

We're still several months away from an actual Galaxy Note 10 launch, and we'd expect plenty more in the way of leaks and tips to appear before the big day. In the meantime, there's no harm in us listing what we hope the new phone brings.

Features we'd like to see, and which Samsung may decide to add, include a bigger battery, maybe as high as 6,000mAh. Remember these big Note screens need a lot of power to keep them running brightly, and even taking the lower power draw of next year's chipsets into consideration, some extra milliamp hours wouldn't go amiss.

In fact it sounds like the removal of the headphone jack might allow Samsung to stuff a bigger battery into the Note 10. Let's hope there is some consolation for losing the trusty 3.5mm audio port.

It seems unlikely that we'll get any kind of transparent or foldable screen technology on this particular handset, but we can dream. We know that Samsung is working on tech that makes a phone at least semi-transparent, but this kind of cutting-edge innovation may not make it to the Note series this time around.

And what about a super-strong, self-healing screen? We know that Note phones have always been pioneers in terms of their display tech (remember the Note series first introduced the curved screen edges), so the Galaxy Note 10 might well follow that tradition.

Samsung already has a patent for the technology, so again it's just a question of whether it'll be ready for 2019. At this stage it seems unlikely, but it is a safe bet that the Galaxy Note 10 will be the most advanced handset Samsung has ever put out.