Ryze Tello vs Eachine E58 Pro: the leading toy drone takes on a value rival

The five-star rated Ryze Tello faces off against the newer Eachine E58 Pro – which drone is the better buy?

Ryze Tello vs Eachine E58 Pro drones
(Image credit: Rich Owen)

In this Ryze Tello vs Eachine E58 Pro face-off, we'll be comparing two of the best cheap drones around to help you figure out which is right for you. We have a separate Ryze Tello review and a Eachine E58 Pro review if you want an in-depth look at each one separately, but this article is all about seeing how they match up to one another.

The Ryze Tello launched in 2018 but is still considered an outstanding budget drone, thanks to a combination of precise flying, stabilised video and a load of extra flight modes and in-flight moves. The Eachine E58 Pro arrived two years later, as an upgraded version of the original E58 that hit the market in the same year as the Tello. With an RRP substantially lower that of the Tello, but more recent tech, does the E58 Pro represent better value for money? Read on to find out. Or to see how another budget offering matches up, head to our Potensic Elfin vs Eachine E58 Pro faceoff.

Before these two models step into the ring, we'd better point out that just because your drone is cheap doesn't mean there won't be regulations around flying it (although it should be a far more straightforward process than is required for the bigger drones in our best drone guide). Our UK drone regulations and US drone rules guides will provide more details. Essentially, in the UK, before flying any camera-equipped drone outdoors in the UK, you'll first need to obtain an Operator ID. For additional info check our explainer, head over to the CAA website

Ryze Tello vs Eachine E58 Pro: design and features

The E58 Pro measures L255 x W220 x D50mm and weighs 96g, though it has foldable arms which greatly reduces its size when folded down. The Tello is smaller at L180 x W170 x D40mm and lighter at 86g. The build quality of the Tello is the best we've seen on a drone in this class. While the E58 Pro is well made and we've had no issues in testing, the plastic fuselage doesn't feel as robust as the Tello's. 

Both drones have nose-mounted cameras. The Tello's camera is fixed in place, but the camera position on the E58 can be moved vertically through manual adjustments. The E58 Pro also has twin LED lights at the front of the aircraft which are fairly powerful for their size and a big help in orienting the drone – particularly at a distance. 

While the E58 Pro comes with a controller as standard, the Tello does not. So, unless you want to shell out another £30, you'll need to fly the Tello using the on-screen controls found on its free device app.

App support on both models allows you to get a view through the drones' cameras as well as storing video and stills to your phone. The apps also give you extra in-flight functions, such as flips and circles in the case of the Tello, while the E58 app allows you to trace flight paths on your touchscreen and fly the drone by moving your phone. 

Winner: Eachine E58 Pro

Person holding the Eachine E58 Pro drone

The E58 Pro (pictured) comes with a controller as standard, the Tello does not

(Image credit: Rich Owen)

Ryze Tello vs Eachine E58 Pro: flight and stability

The Tello's tiny underside camera and an infrared sensor help it do an excellent job of holding a steady hover indoors or in windless conditions. Despite its 'altitude hold' system which helps it stay fairly level, the E58 Pro requires constant adjustment while hovering as it regularly drifts out of position – even when flying indoors. 

When manoeuvring, the Tello makes impressively precise movements through the air and is easy to control. Getting the E58 Pro to make precision course alterations in flight is much harder though, as it's far slower to respond to commands from the pilot.

Unless you're flying in completely windless conditions, both drones perform badly outdoors. Even very light winds mean that they struggle to respond to any commands, while stronger gusts can quickly carry them hundreds of metres away.

Winner: Ryze Tello

Ryze Tello drone

The Ryze Tello is capable of impressively precise movements

(Image credit: Ryze)

Ryze Tello vs Eachine E58 Pro: video and stills

While on paper, the E58 Pro’s 1080P camera is a better option than the Tello’s 720P version, video footage from the Tello is far more watchable. Unlike most drones in this category, the Tello has in-built software stabilisation which gives super-smooth results. When it comes to comparing stills though, the Eachine drone’s higher resolution camera does give slightly better results.

Winner: Ryze Tello

Ryze Tello vs Eachine E58 Pro: price and verdict

In the UK, an RRP of GBP £65.99 makes the E58 Pro excellent value for money... although in the US it's a fair bit pricier, with an MSRP of USD $119.99. In comparison, you're looking at GBP £99 / USD $99. (Do bear in mind though, that you won't necessarily need to pay that price, especially when it comes to the E58 Pro). 

Based on UK prices, the Tello, without a dedicated controller, seems a little pricey. However, the Ryze drone betters the E58 Pro in almost every category – especially in the two most important areas: ease of use and video performance.

So, which should you choose? Well despite being around for a while now, the Tello is still the outstanding drone in its class and well worth the extra spend. But if your budget is lower, then the E58 Pro is still a decent choice.

Overall winner: Ryze Tello

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