Limited edition Winter Magic Swiss Army Knife is the perfect keepsake Christmas gift

This elegant design includes all the practical tools you'd ever need, whether you're whittling a log or opening a bottle of red

Winter Magic Swiss Army Knife
(Image credit: Victorinox)

On the hunt for a keepsake Christmas gift? Victorinox could be the place to go. The brand behind the classic Swiss Army Knife has just released a range of new designs – including the 2021 addition to the Winter Magic collection (pictured above), and a new version of the popular Alox design – just in time for the festive season. 

These little gadgets aren't really about looks; they're incredibly useful to have in a whole range of situations. You'll find one in our best camping knife ranking, but they're equally handy around the house, with tools like corkscrews and scissors. Head to our Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer X review for a closer look at one of the range. But there's no reason why style can't come into it, and we're huge fans of these new designs.

Our pick of the bunch is the elegant Winter Magic 2021 edition pictured above. It sports a Scandi feeling Winter by Night design that feels festive, but not so festive you won't be able to use it the rest of the year. An extra special touch is the detachable moon charm. There's a limited run on this edition – Victorinox is making 10,000 of them, and each will come in a gift box. 

Don't worry: this isn't all style, no substance. It's based on the Climber Lite Swiss Army Knife, and comes with 17 practical appendages, including an LED torch, large and small blades, scissors, various screwdrivers and a corkscrew.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

(Image credit: Victorinox)

For something a little more understated, you might want to check out the newest addition to the Classic Precious Alox Collection. These mini pocket knives (just 58mm long) pack the same selection of useful tools – a small blade, nail file, screwdriver, scissors and key ring – but feature new, woven style scales. They're available in five sophisticated stylish colours. Opt for the iconic red, or mix it up with a stylish grey, burgundy, gold or rose gold. To make it extra special, it can be personalised with an engraving on the nail file. 

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