Lego Star Wars Mandalorian sets guide: the Lego bounties worth hunting

Looking for some great Lego Star Wars sets for fans of The Mandalorian? These are the options to look out for

Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian
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While most of the best Lego Star Wars sets tend to draw from the original trilogy, there's now a great range of options that tie into The Mandalorian – perfect for kids (or adults) who love the new characters and ships.

The moody space western show has giving us a bunch of iconic new designs to want to show off or play with, but it's also brought back much-loved stuff from previous movies and shows – so here we're going to quickly run down the sets that draw directly from The Mandalorian, as well as other sets that fit well to bring in characters that have made an appearance in the show.

And just a warning, we won't steer clear of spoilers here, so if you haven't seen up to the end of The Mandalorian's second season, then… well, you've had plenty of time, so we're not taking responsibility for that fact that you came to this page.

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Lego Star Wars Mandalorian ships and playsets

The obvious pick for any Mandalorian fan is the Razor's Crest. The 1,000-piece set is officially known as the 'The Mandalorian™ Bounty Hunter Transport' and includes figures of Din Djarin, Greef Karga, IG-11, the Child and a Scout Trooper. Sections open up so you play with recognisable parts of the ship.

Next up is the 'AT-ST™ Raider' set, which includes the red-painted assault walker from Cara Dune's planet, and includes her minifigure, plus Mando and two raiders. It's about 500 pieces total, and is a great size.

The 'Trouble on Tatooine™' set features Din, Grogu and a Tusken Raider, plus a speeder bike, missile-firing ballista and a little hut playset. It's 276 pieces.

The 'Mandalorian™ Battle Pack' is even more compact, featuring four different Mandalorian warriors, plus a Mandalorian speeder and a little defense fort.

As of the time of writing, those are the only playsets explicitly from The Mandalorian currently available (though see below for display-focused Lego, and for other related sets). However, on August 1st 2021, a whole bunch of new Mandalorian sets will go on sale.

The most spectacular of them is the 'Imperial Light Cruiser™', which is the ship from the finale of season two. Fittingly, then, it's a big set that's made from over 1,300 pieces, and includes Mando, Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, Moff Gideon (with Dark Saber) and a Dark Trooper, as well as Grogu. Opening up the front of the ship reveals a playset of the bridge, and there's also very cute feature where you can launch mini TIE Fighters from the side of the Cruiser.

'Boba Fett’s Starship™' is sure to be a popular set, because it's affordable, it's not too big, and it comes with Boba himself, along with Mando. It's around 600 pieces.

The 'Mandalorian Starfighter™' brings Bo-Katan Kryze, Gar Saxon and another Mandalorian warrior as minifigures, as well as the cool ship design, and is again around 550 pieces.

The 'Imperial Armored Marauder' set is another season two creation, and it comes with Greef Karga plus a bunch of stormtroops. The vehicle itself has opening doors and various firing lasers for play time.

Lego Star Wars Mandalorian display sets

Not all Lego sets for for swooshing around while making laser noises. There are a bunch of sets that recreate characters that just for having fun building, and then showing on your shelves or desk.

Most popular is likely to be the figure of Grogu (with the set known officially as 'The Child'). It's made from over 1,000 pieces, it's 7.5 inches high when complete, and it's pretty adorable. It comes with a special information plaque for displaying it.

You can go even cuter with the 'The Mandalorian™ & the Child' BrickHeadz set, which are cartoony Lego figures (in the vein of Funko Pops, but you get the build them) of both characters.

If you want to get serious, though, take a look at the 'Boba Fett™ Helmet', 'Scout Trooper™ Helmet' and 'Stormtrooper™ Helmet' sets. They're 3D recreations of these helmet designs, all of which feature in The Mandalorian at one point or another. They're very cool smaller sets – they have plenty of pieces so they can be nice and detailed, but are only 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches, so take up little room once built.

Lego Star Wars playsets with Mandalorian ties

There are two sets that's aren't really from The Mandalorian, but fans may want to pick up anyway. The smaller of the two is 'Duel on Mandalore™' – and not just because of the name. It includes a minifigure of Ahsoka Tano, so if you want Mando's one-time Jedi ally to appear with your Din Djarin minifig, this is the best place to grab her. And you get Darth Maul plus a Lego throne as a bonus. This is released on August 1st.

But the bigger and even more tempting option is the 'Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter™' set. X-Wings appear a few times in The Mandalorian, but the arrival of Luke's in the finale is obviously one of the most iconic moments in the series so far. This 474-piece set gives you the ship, plus Luke, Leia and General Dodonna from the original trilogy.

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