iPhone X price, deals, tariffs pre-order details and release date lowdown

All the iPhone X deals and pre-order info

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The iPhone X hasbeen announced and we're hearing updates from carriers as to what they'll be ranging. 

iPhone X pre-orders go live on 27 October and the iPhone X release date is 3 November. 

The iPhone X is from £999/$999 for the 64GB version. The 256GB iPhone X is £1,149/$1,149. 

Apple finance deal - remember that Apple does its own financing deal which can often be better value than the networks (you can then get a SIM-only deal). For the iPhone X 64GB this is  £47.95 per month and £55.15 per month for the 256GB. 

Here is all the information we've received from carriers and retailers, although the details are somewhat limited at the moment. You can register to pre-order, though. 


EE will also range the iPhone X in due course. EE also has a UK exclusive on the cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 3

EE is also introducing a selection of wireless chargers and accessories on its Add to Plan scheme that enables you to spread the cost over 11 months. 

Register to pre-order the iPhone X from EE


O2 will be ranging the iPhone X. The network says that more details will be released in the coming weeks at O2.com/iPhone

Sky Mobile

"Sky Mobile will also be ranging the iPhone X, and we’ll be sharing pricing details on this device soon."


"Three UK is pleased to announce it will range the new iPhone X."

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The iPhone X will be available at Vodafone UK and anybody ordering ANY iPhone from them until 13 November on an 8GB plan or above will receive 10GB of extra data each month. You'll also get an extended 24-month warranty.

Although subject to change, Vodafone has also revealed its iPhone X pricing which starts at £62 per month for a 4GB tariff (£200 upfront).

Our pick of the tariffs will give you 16GB of data a month with a £150 upfront contribution and £68 per month. 

Vodafone says these prices are subject to change. 

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Carphone Warehouse 

iPhone X will be available to pre-order from Carphone on 27 October. 

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