I rode DJI’s new electric mountain bike, the Amflow PL Pro – here’s how it went

It certainly is the cleverest bike I’ve ever tried

Amflow PL first ride
(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

I felt the bike slipping from under me, my arms stretched out to the side, my head gently knocking on the ground—with the helmet on, of course—the pedal gripping into my shin. I closed my eyes and felt the splash of mud on my face and the gritty taste of sand in my mouth. This was the first and only time I fell while riding the new Amflow PL Pro, and it wasn’t even the bike’s fault. I was having the best time!

DJI surprised everyone, including me, when it announced its new drive system and the electric mountain bike built around it at Eurobike 2024. Launched under the brand-new Amflow brand, the lightweight eMTB is distinctively DJI and jam-packed with the latest tech and cutting-edge innovation. It even won an award at the expo.

I was invited to Frankfurt to take the upcoming electric bike for a spin with other journalists, but it turned out that everyone got scared of the rain and decided they didn’t want to get all muddy and soaked.

Not me, obviously, so I ended up being the only person to ride the two-wheeler alongside ex-photographer turned drone pilot turned electric mountain bike tester Ferdi, who has been riding the Amflow for the last year. I was in safe hands.

After checking out the bike at the expo, we headed north of Frankfurt to what looked like the most stunning forest, Flowtrail Feldberg, with tall trees fading into the mist in the background.

Ferdi said it’s a popular spot on a sunny day, but practically no one was there when we went. After unloading the bike, we went through the controls, and this was when it really sank in how cool the Amflow PL is.

There are five modes: Auto, Eco, Trail, Turbo, and Boost. Auto is probably what a beginner like me would use. It uses the ten sensors dotted around the bike to determine how much assistance it should provide. It’s a clever system that anticipates your actions and helps you get the grips of the bike quicker. 

In Turbo mode, the Amflow PL Pro unleashes the most power (1,000 W) it can maintain for longer periods of time. You can also turn on Boost mode, which quadruples this, but only for 30 seconds.

In this mode, the bike rears up like a racehorse and climbs any incline like it’s nothing. Trail mode is between Eco and Turbo; it helps you a bit more without taking away the feeling that it’s you who makes the bike go forward.

I was thoroughly impressed with the way these assist modes can be adjusted in the companion app. You can quite literally change every mode dynamics completely, from how much assist the Amflow PL provides during stars to how long the assist lasts once you start going. This pro-level customisation sets the bike apart from the competition, big time.

And then there are the data screens. The vivid touchscreen display is integrated into the Amflow PL’s frame, and you can change everything on it via the companion app. With only a few taps in the app, you can add new screens, change the ones you have, or do whatever else you want.

As for data, you get tons. The Amflow PL has built in GPS and can track your bike, for one. It logs your rides, which you can further scrutinise in the app. You can connect a heart rate monitor to the bike and see your vital stats as you ride. The company is planning on full DJI action cam integration, later on, allowing you to overlay your data on your footage. Pretty cool.

After going through the controls – super user-friendly –it was time to ride the eMTB. Ferdi took me on a fast-paced ride that showcased the power of the mid-drive DJI Avinox engine. There was no jerkiness or delay; the assist came smooth as butter, helping me glide through slippery rocks and roots like they were nothing. 

Then, we went on a slightly more technical trail with more jumps and turns, and honestly, I felt right at home in the saddle of the Amflow PL. The bike helped me gather momentum easily, which made me feel more in control, as I knew I could always accelerate if I needed to. Flat and technical sections went from chore to joy. I was flying.

The light chassis helped the Amflow PL Pro feel nimble on the trail. It weighs under 20 kg and moves around like a gazelle. The lightweight frame, coupled with the snappy DJI Avinox motor, is really a match made in heaven. It’s a superb combo that keeps giving more the more miles you put in it.

Amflow PL first ride

Very muddy and covered in bruises, but happy to have ridden the new Amflow PL Pro in Frankfurt

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

After the ride, I was shown yet more features, like the anti-theft mode that uses the bike’s gyroscope to determine if it’s moved without the owner’s consent and auto-unlocking using the Avinox app. It’s similar to how you unlock the new Tesla Model 3, not something you see on an eMTB.

My hands-on experience with the Amflow PL might have only lasted half an hour, but it made a lasting impression on me. I’m not much of a mountain bike rider, and as such, I was slightly concerned about how I would perform in the saddle, especially in the terrible weather we had when testing the bike.

My worries melted away as soon as I felt the power surging from the motor. This is what the Amflow PL is: it’s power in your control. It’s energy you can harness to take an already thoroughly enjoyable experience to the next level. I wish more people could give the bike a try. If you happen to come across one, don’t miss the chance to give it a try. It’ll be fun.

The Amflow PL launches later this year. The recommended retail price is TBC. For more info, visit Amflow today.

Matt Kollat
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