Huge Apple iPhone 11 deal: 20GB of data for £31 per month on EE right now

Thinking of upgrading your old smartphone? This Apple iPhone 11 deal over at EE is definitely worth checking out

Apple iPhone 11 deals EE
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Apple's iPhone 11 is, as you may already know, one of the freshest and best smartphones on the market right now. Introduced only last year, it has everything you could want from a cutting-edge gadget, except maybe the price. Luckily, EE has heard you and is offering a very attractive deal right now: a brand new iPhone 11 for £31 per month with 20GB of data.

To get such a stellar deal, there's an upfront cost of £140, but even that's reduced from £150 when you use the code 10OFF at checkout. In our view, though, this is a deal worth having, especially given how new the iPhone 11 is. If monthly payments that stray into the £40 region scares you, then this is the right deal.

The iPhone 11 itself is, to put it bluntly, a fantastic device. In our iPhone 11 review, we found that it was perfect in basically every measurable way: the camera is sublime, it's incredibly fast, the battery life is great, and the build and design is lovely to hold and use. As we said, in all the ways you care about, this phone is it. 

Apple iPhone 11 (64GB, Various Colours) | EE contract | 20GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £140 upfront cost (use 10OFF code) | Six months free Apple Music | 24 month contract | Available now
As we've said above, in every measurable way, the iPhone 11 is a standout smartphone that easily bests the competition. Take great pictures, use basically whoever much data you want, and have a phone that lasts the whole day, all for £31 per month right now.
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So, if you're in the market for a brand new smartphone, look no further than this fantastic deal from EE that offers an iPhone 11 with 20GB of data and more for £31 per month. To see even more of today's best iPhone 11 deals be sure to check out the chart below, which has pulled the cheapest prices from every phone retailer of note.