How to clean an OLED TV

The best ways to keep your OLED TV's screen free from dust and finger smudges without damaging it

Sony A90J OLED TV corner detail, showing thinness of the screen
(Image credit: Sony)

If you’ve invested serious cash in a new TV to make the most of the rich blacks and vibrant contrast offered by OLED technology, you’re going to want to actually be able to see it. A thick layer of dust and fingerprints between you and one of the best OLED TVs isn’t going to improve your visual experience and that means learning how to clean an OLED TV. 

First off, it’s going to sound like we’re shouting but please stay away from all glass cleaners. Where these used to be fine for TVs of yore, OLED and LCD panels are sensitive souls and wouldn’t thank you for the corrosive effects of most chemical cleaners. And no spraying anything directly onto the screen either. 

In fact, the best way to clean an OLED TV screen is with no liquids whatsoever and to use a dry soft cloth. For its OLED and LCD screens, Sony suggests turning off the TV at the wall and then using a dry cloth such as an eyeglass cleaner. Be very careful not to push down too hard on the panel so as not to damage the display.

If there are some hard-to-shift stains such as fingerprints, Sony says to soak a cloth in a non-soap synthetic cleanser diluted to less than 1% in water. (Samsung even goes one bit further and advises using only water on its screens – the vast majority of these aren't OLED, but the principle is the same.)

Whichever option you go for, this wet cloth should be tightly squeezed to avoid any excess liquids, and then the offending area should be wiped very gently. Immediately afterwards, grab a soft, dry cloth to remove any moisture from the area. As is always the rule: moisture and tech don’t get along. 

For other areas, you’ll want to grab a duster to go over any particularly fluffy areas between the TV and the stand. If you have dust in the vented areas at the back of the TV – that is if you can see them and the TV isn’t wall mounted – Sony suggests removing the dust with a vacuum cleaner attachment once a month. It’s OK, we won’t tell anyone if you’ve never even thought to do this. Go forth and be dust free!

Keeping the vents dust-free can help to make sure there are never any overheating issues, and that air can flow freely into the hot bits of the TV – keeping this clear should help make sure the TV works perfectly for longer.

Louise Blain

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