Get bigger arms in just 30 days with this 8-move arm workout

Increase the size of your shoulders, triceps, biceps and forearms with these exercises

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Arms are one of the biggest areas of focus for most gym-goers, probably because it’s the part of the body that people will notice a change in first. Not only that but having more muscular arms reduces your risk of injury and can help improve your posture – helping to protect your bones and stabilise your joints. Most importantly, who doesn't want to look like Chris Hemsworth, the God of Big Arms?

Working on your arms is probably the most accessible place to start when you’re in the gym, but what about if you’re working out at home? According to bodybuilder and home workout expert Ivan Rusakov, all you need is a dumbbell (or adjustable dumbbell) to get visibly bigger arms at home, which can be done in just 30 days. 

Rusakov took to YouTube to show off his 30-day arms routine that he says can guarantee results. It takes into account the anatomy of the working muscles of the arms, as well as demonstrating the wrong technique and the number of sets and repetitions:

Ivan Rusakov's visibly 

The video comprises eight exercises, each with a different number of sets and reps. According to Rusakov, the exercises that will grant you access to big arms heaven are:

  • Sitting overhead extensions – to bomb the triceps
  • Single DB curls – one of the biceps
  • Concentration curls – some more biceps action
  • Sitting DB kickback – returning to triceps area
  • Sitting curls with turns – back to biceps
  • Lateral DB raises – moving onto the delts 
  • Front DB raises – more delts activation
  • Wrist curls – finishing off with the forearms

“If you want a quick body transformation, then the video is also suitable for you since it is designed for 30 days of transformation,” Rusakov says. “This is the most popular sports challenge, and it’s easy to adjust to and do it for only one month.”

Although he does add that these moves must be applied to a proper, regular regime alongside mindful nutrition.

“If you are already an advanced athlete, you can add a couple of these exercises to your workout program and see for yourself that it is effective!”

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