Das Keyboard X50Q vs STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: which is best for you?

Should you be gearing up with the Das Keyboard X50Q or the STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for PC gaming?

Das Keyboard X50Q vs STOGA mechanical gaming keyboard
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Choosing a PC gaming keyboard is a challenge. As you’ll see in our collection of the best gaming keyboards, there’s so much to think about. Do you go wireless or stick to a trusty cable? Is it possible to choose the wrong type of keys? And does it actually matter that you can have a range of sixteen million colours behind them when you’re mid-Destiny 2 strike?

The thing is, though, do you spend hundreds on a top-tier gaming keyboard from one of the most popular makers, or do you plump for a much cheaper board from an up and coming firm instead? That's what this versus feature has been written to explore.

The Das Keyboard X50Q reigns supreme in our list of the best gaming keyboards with its svelte design and brilliant functionality, while the STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a truly impressive budget upstart with eyes on the big players.  

STOGA and Das aren’t nearly as well known in the gaming space as big hitters such Razer, Corsair, or Logitech G but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them as solid options. Das specifically works only on keyboards and consistently offers impressive dedicated hardware – you may not find a matching gaming mouse or gaming headset from the brand, but its a purist's favourite for good reason.     

First off, before we dive into the features and benefits of each, both of these are mechanical gaming keyboards. This means that they both offer a more tactile experience than the membrane based keyboards of laptops. In turn, this makes them far more appealing when it comes to PC gaming where reaction times, feel, and feedback are key.

Let’s take a look at the Das Keyboard X50Q vs the STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Das Keyboard X50Q vs STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Price

First off, the all-important monetary factor. Affordability is, quite literally, key when it comes to a gaming keyboard as you might be suiting up with additional accessories too. 

Buying a keyboard stand alone is one thing but adding a gaming headset and gaming mouse into the mix means things can get very pricey very quickly. 

The Das Keyboard X50Q price sits at the more expensive end of the scale of gaming keyboards. The US price is set at $129, while the UK price is around £109. 

Just because it’s not on the side of buses at gaming events doesn’t mean Das isn’t a serious player and its premium hardware comes at a price point to match. This pricing brings it directly into competition with Logitech G’s G915 wireless gaming keyboard but Das more than justifies it. 

The STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on the other hand is $59.99 in the USA and £48.99 in the UK, making it an ideal starter mechanical keyboard or as a part of a fresh kit of accessories. One of our favourite keyboards under $100, the STOGA offers up solid switches and colourful gaming without having to sell your soul if you are on a tight budget.

Das Keyboard X50Q

(Image credit: Das)

Das Keyboard X50Q vs STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Design & Features

The Das Keyboard X50Q is top of our best gaming keyboards list for a reason. The slick design is easy on the eyes and the dedicated palm rest makes for endless hours of comfortable gaming that destroys all other keyboards that don’t seem to have any consideration for your wrist.

Plus, if modern gaming keyboards put you off with their futuristic sci-fi racer aesthetic, the X50Q is remarkably understated and slick but still ticks all those bright RGB-lit boxes with its aluminium chassis and LED combo. 

The X50Q seems to think of everything. An extra long braided cable means the luxury of not having to worry about desk design and the quick access media control knob is a handy bonus that means you never need to click away from your current task. Add in the macro keys and programmable shortcut keys for various applications and this is a keyboard that’s practical for more than just screaming ‘get in the game.’

The STOGA Mechanical Keyboard on the other hand is clearer about its mission. This is a bright, cheerful gaming keyboard available in dark gray and brown with customisable LED backlights. Like its more expensive counterparts, these RGBs can be customised fully, but there are a selection of different profiles out of the box if you fancy a light show. 

It doesn’t have the aluminium casing of the X50Q but the STOGA is sturdy and up for the task with a solid casing that feels like it can take the pressure. And there’s no control knob here, but dedicated media keys mean you can switch though Spotify happily, which feels like a nice addition to a budget keyboard.

STOGA mechanical gaming keyboard

(Image credit: STOGA)

Das Keyboard X50Q vs STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Switches

Aaah, where would we be without switches? These are the bread and butter of your gaming keyboard experience, with each key having its own dedicated switch with its own resistance and required pressure. There’s no right and wrong answer when it comes to the best switches. Everyone has their own favourite type of switch that feels just right to them – a bit like wands in Harry Potter – but probably the most well known manufacturer is Cherry.  

Both the Das Keyboard X50Q and STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard buck this trend though and go their own way. 

The Das Keyboard X50Q exclusively uses Japanese manufacturer Omron’s excellent Gamma Zulu switches. These are speedy and responsive with only 45g of pressure required at 1.5mm before you can move onto your next key press. In feel, they are closest to the softer Cherry MX Brown so you won’t feel like you’re going to the finger Olympics every time you sit down to your PC. Sound wise, these are far softer too and you won’t drive everyone in the house crazy with endless clicks.  

The STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on the other hand, very much sounds like a mechanical gaming keyboard with a clicky tactile Cherry MX Blue-like reaction and feel. These aren’t official Cherry MX Blues, STOGA just calls them Blue switches but the message is clear. If you don’t feel like you’re even gaming without an audible spider dance, these are the ideal budget switches.

Das Keyboard X50Q

(Image credit: Das)

Das Keyboard X50Q vs STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: The Verdict

There’s obviously a world of difference between these two mechanical keyboards at each end of the price scale but both are worth their respective piles of cash. Those hunting down their next luxury keyboard purchase who want bang for every one of their bucks should of course invest in the Das Keyboard X50Q but if, like a lot of us in 2021, you’re watching your purse strings, the STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an exceptionally solid gaming keyboard option with joyously clicky keys.

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