The very best Easter gifts 2017

Don't resort to ambushing the Easter Bunny down a dark alley, pick up one of these top Easter presents instead

Easter! While our political leaders and influencers are debating matters that have been tearing this country apart in recent times, such as whether Cadbury’s has dropped ‘Easter’ from its seasonal chocolate eggs (it hasn’t), we can crack on with the fun stuff of stuffing our faces with sugary treats.

Assuming we’re too old for Easter bunnies and no longer have the legs or the drive to go on Easter Egg hunts, Easter has moved into the realm of self-indulgence for adults. Which is brilliant, of course. We can eat, we can drink, and we can do both without ever having to leave the sofa.

In many ways, Easter is the perfect holiday/festivity/special occasion, and this is before we even take into account the days off work. Bliss. To make sure you get the most out of your Easter, here are the best Easter gifts for men that you can buy.

5 best Easter gifts 2017

1. Traditional Gourmet & Luxury Easter Hamper

The best Easter gift around is a hamper that has (almost) everything

Reasons to buy
+Wide range of treats and foodstuffs+Great quality throughout
Reasons to avoid
-No actual Easter Egg

If you want to step up your Easter gift game, then hampers are the way to go. There’s a wide variety of Easter hampers available, which cover everything from chocolate-themed to vegan-friendly snacks. This Bridport Hamper is the pick of the Easter hampers because it’s overflowing with so much different stuff, you’ll actually start to stress out over how to tackle it all. What do you eat first? Do you start with the tea, then move onto the Walnut Crunch Biscuits? When do you drink the wine? Are the chocolates dessert? When do you have the Butterscotch Cake? Does the jam go on the cake? It’s stressful, this Easter thing.

2. Hot Cross Gin

At least, someone has combined hot cross buns with gin

Reasons to buy
+It’s unique+Actually tastes like hot cross bun
Reasons to avoid
-Not a great mixer

It’s not all Easter Eggs and hampers for Easter, of course. There’s the classic hot cross bun too. Spicy, sweet and packed with currants and raisins, these glazed buns give us an excuse other than sausage rolls to pop into Greggs once a year. But while hot cross buns never form the centre-piece of Easter festivities, this might – it’s hot cross gin. The same flavour of a hot cross bun but somehow whizzed up into a gin concoction and actually tasting like a hot cross bun. It sits somewhere between ‘novelty item’ and ‘legitimate flavour’ on the Alcohol Flavour Scale, which we may have just made up for the purpose of this best Easter gifts list. Its saving grace, and perhaps also its weakness, is that the flavour is subtle so it doesn’t feel like a gimmicky drink.

Price: £32 | Buy Hot Cross Gin

3. Chocolate Bunny Extravagance Easter Hamper

If you want to go all out for Easter, this is the luxury Easter hamper you need

Reasons to buy
+Wine, chocolates, toffees, this has the lot+Very good quality
Reasons to avoid

The clue is in the name – extravagance. And also, we suppose, “chocolate”, “bunny”, “Easter” and “hamper”. Everything is there if you want to know what you’re getting with this bundle of chocolate goodies. From the chocolate truffles to the sticky toffee chocolates, almost everything here has come from Lindt or Lily O’Brien’s, so you know it’s good. As you’d expect, given the price. But again, this is extravagance for a reason and everything from the quality of the chocolates to the Premium Cuvee Wine to the basket drips with luxury and class. You even get a free ribbon thrown in for good measure.

Price: £46.35 | Buy Chocolate Bunny Extravagance Easter Hamper

4. Cadbury Easter Freddo Fan Collection

Don’t call it a comeback, Freddos have been here for years

Reasons to buy
+Freddos! Everyone loves Freddos+Cheap gift option
Reasons to avoid
-It doesn’t cost 10p

When was the last time you ate a Freddo? Did you even know that Freddos still existed? Cadbury’s cheapest chocolates seem to have been consigned to a cruel fate as a cultural touching point for people referencing how expensive modern life is - “I remember when Freddos cost 10p!” – and not as an actual chocolate you can buy and eat. Good news then, for us and for Freddos. If you want a cheap Easter option that involves a lot of chocolate, then the Freddo Fan Collection ticks both boxes. You get a Freddo Easter Egg, Freddo Faces, Freddo Drinking Chocolate (when did THAT happen?) and, of course, the little Freddos themselves. No, it doesn’t cost 10p but what does nowadays? It costs more than that to use the toilets at Waterloo, such is modern life.

Price: £14.99 | Buy Cadbury Easter Freddo Fan Collection

5. Champagne and Chocolates

It’s the classic one-two of champagne and chocolates as an Easter treat

Reasons to buy
+Good quality champagne and chocolates+Gorgeous packaging
Reasons to avoid

You can’t go wrong with Champagne and chocolates. It’s the Ant and Dec of the Easter world – dependable, reliable, sickly when you have too much. Marks & Spencers have the best one-two Easter punch with their champagne and chocolates collection. You get Oudinot Vintage Champagne (75cl) and for the chocolates, you get the brilliantly-named The Collection of Exceptional Characters (140g). It’s not a generous amount, then, but it’s not supposed to be. This is an Easter treat of luxurious self-indulgence for one night only. Which aren’t words you’d ever use to describe Ant and Dec, really.

Price: £45 | Buy Champagne and Chocolates