5 things you didn't know macOS Monterey could do

We look at five 'hidden' features that make macOS Monterey even better

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If you've recently got a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac, then you might be wondering about macOS Monterey, the latest and greatest version of Apple's desktop operating system.

Apple is currently gearing up to announce the iPhone 14 and release iOS 16 – as well as the next version of macOS, called Ventura – but millions of people are still using macOS Monterey everyday on their Mac.

The latest version of macOS packs a huge punch after Apple added loads of features that power users wanted, including some that are specifically for Macs powered by Apple Silicon

The company always works to make its devices as accessible as possible but there are still a load of hidden features. As such, we thought it might be helpful to have a look at five features that you might have missed within macOS Monterey.

Let's get started. 

MacOS Monterey

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1. Test your network 

Networking testing tools like Fast.com are excellent but Apple decided to take things a step further by adding a built-in networking testing tool.

To access the feature, head to Terminal and enter "networkQuality" as a prompt. After some whirring, you'll be able to see your network's upload and download capacity right there.

2. A new screensaver 

If you've gotten bored of the default macOS screensavers, then Apple has a present for you: a brand new Hello option. 

Head to System Preferences > Desktop & Screensaver > and select Hello from the options there. 

You can confiture the screensaver to work in all available languages, match the system appearance, and operate in either Soft Tones, Spectrum, or Minimal. 

My personal favourite is still Drift but it's good to have some a new option. 

MacOS Monterey

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3. Easily convert images 

Converting images can be a pain but Apple wants to make the process much easier.

Built straight into macOS Monterey, Apple has added the ability to quickly and simply convert images. To do so, right click on an image, select Quick Actions > Convert Image and tweak the settings (format and image size) to your liking.

It's really that easy.

4. Low power mode 

Following iOS and iPadOS, Apple has added a pretty nifty mode to macOS that helps when you're down to your last 10% of battery.

To activate the mode, head to System Preferences > Battery and select Low Power Mode from the options.

Apple says that your Mac will "reduce energy usage ... and operate more quietly", helping save battery.

5. Apple Earth

Finally, Apple has added a really neat tool to Apple Maps for Mac: the ability to view the whole world as a globe, similar to Google Earth.

While we have to admit to not being huge Apple Maps users (especially on Mac), it's always fun to see the Earth from new and interesting angles. You can zoom in to access detailed information on certain places, too.

Previous versions of Maps for macOS would simply display a flat earth when you zoomed out so this is a welcome update.

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